5 Effective Crossfit Exercises At Home

5 Effective Crossfit Exercises At Home

Are you bored of doing the routine exercises? If yes, one of the best, simplest yet different ways to get rid of all those extra calories and tone the body is crossfit exercises which can be done both at home and out in the open. It is a completely versatile kind of workout which needs no kinds of equipments and just a little bit of space to get you going.These exercises can be easily done in the comfort of your home allowing you to make your living room a gym! The 5 effective crossfit exercises at home have been given below.

Crossfit Exercises At Home

1. Jump Squats

This is one of the most effective crossfit exercises which workout your entire body. Keep your feet a little more than the normal hip-width apart and point out your ties. With the cores being tightened and your chest straight, bend down the knees so that your hips sit back.

Extend both your arms and keep them in front at your shoulder level.
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Now putting the pressure on your heels, jump off the ground as high as possible and swing your arms behind you as you do so. Slowly land on your feet and repeat this exercise 20 times.
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Jump Squats


2. Burpee

Another great exercise, it helps to tone the body completely. Bend down on all fours and keep your hands on the ground, right under the shoulders. Now quickly jump so that both your feet rest behind you and your elbows bend down to the lower portion of your body on the ground. As soon as you take this position, rapidly reverse this motion and jump up straight, clapping both your hands over the head. This completes one repetition. Do at least 15 such repetitions.



3. Triceps Dipping

Sit on a chair’s edge and raise your body so that the palms are near the thighs, face down. Ensure that all your fingers are tightly gripping onto the edge. With the knees bent, place the feet on the ground. The arms should be kept fully straight. Now lower down the body so that the hips come right in front of the chair.The elbows will bend automatically. Lower down the hips so that upper portion of the arms becomes parallel to the ground. Hold for a second and then return to the starting position. Do 10 to 12 such repetitions.

Triceps Dipping


4. Butterfly Situps

Lie down on your back on the floor and keep a towel which has been folded under the lower back portion of your body. Open the knees to the sides and keep your feet’s sole together.
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Both the arms need to be locked together over your head.

Now slowly brace your core, try to reach your fingers past your toes and beyond while doing a complete sit up. Go back to the lying down position slowly. Repeat 10 to 15 times continuously.

Butterfly Situps

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5. Lunge Hops

Bend both your knees at a 90 degree angle and step your left foot in front. Keep the chest straight and the core tight.
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Now bend both the elbows at 90 degree angle and raise the right fist upwards while making the left fist face the ground. 

Jump up as high as possible and then change the position of legs and arms in the air landing on another lunge. This will make the right foot go in front and the left fist face upwards. Do 20 to 25 repetitions, alternating each move rapidly.

Lunge Hops