5 Effective Exercises For Strong Ankles And Feet

Feet and ankles can also be considered as one of the vital measures of analyzing a really well toned body and a person who actually aims for some real fitness and strength has to to give these feet and also muscles equal importance as he always does in the case of some other body parts such as biceps, thighs triceps etc. In this regard, this article features some of the amazing benefits that can be highly helpful in building up some really strong feet and ankles as there are the ones with the help of which your body actually balances on the whole.

In this regard, this article vividly features some of the best available ways that can be helpful in improving the strength of your ankles and muscles in a stunning way and therefore it is highly recommended for a person to take a note of these benefits and include them in your workout session to experience all the better benefits on the whole. Also one must always remember the fact that there can be high amounts of ankle pain after getting to workout for hours together in the gym and these listed workouts doesn’t require a lot of time like the others but are equally important to maintain the fitness conditions of all the body parts as it could reduce the stress and force that is implied on the ankle and foot and also these can be beneficial in reducing the extent of pain if there’s actually any.

1. One Leg Squats:

Squats can be regarded as one of the most familiar exercises nowadays and it is generally used to workout for a considerable amount of time for building some really stunning body or can even be included as a part of warm up method to experience all the benefits related to it as well. However certain types of squats can also be helpful if you actually wish to improve the strength of your ankles as well.

These are actually nothing but the squats that are performed with as single leg. More precisely, these can be regarded as the squats which named as one leg mini squats.

For this all one has to do is to simply get to stand on one leg is such a way that another leg actually lies on the air in a position that it is actually horizontal to the ground. This can be highly helpful and can be performed at least twenty minutes a day to improve the strength of your feet and ankles tremendously.

One Leg Squats

2. Standing On One Leg:

This is quite the easiest of all the exercises in the list and the name of it actually suggests what one is supposed to perform in this very exercise. Here you have to hold one of your leg with your hand and stand on another for at least thirty seconds and then switch on to the other one.

Standing On One Leg

3. Scissor Hops:

This also quite an easy one and all one has to do is to move their legs in the forward and backward direction simultaneously.

Scissor Hops

4. Bounding:

Another similar exercise where you have to jump forward as shown in the figure and this can increase the strength of your ankles and feet.


5. Thread Band Pull Ups:

A regular sort of pull ups where you actually take the help of a thread to perform your exercise more efficiently.

Thread Band Pull Ups