5 Effective Stretches To Tighten Your Thigh Muscles


With the kind of seating jobs prevalent in the world where exercising is not done religiously, the issues of cramp and pain in the thighs are normal. To prevent such instances certain stretch exercises are there which are easy to follow.

Some Of The Effective Stretches To Tighten The Thigh Muscles Are Discussed Below

Seated Hamstring Stretch

This exercise is a great one to stretch the thighs and also fixes the hamstring as well. To do this one needs to sit in a pose where the legs are extended on the floor.

Now, keeping the feet in a relaxed mode the exerciser needs to bend at the hips and move towards the legs at the front. After bending the next step is to try and hold the ankles, feet or the sheen of the legs which gives an effective stretch to the thighs which does the trick!


Seated Pretzel

This one is a classic form of stretch exercise which focuses on the upper- outer thigh region along with the glutes/ To practice this, one needs to sit on the floor with back straight and then cross the legs. The next step is to raise the right knee and place the right sole to the left end of the left knee. Immediately, one needs to place the left elbow on the outer side of the right thigh and press the same while twisting the upper body towards the right in the process!

In order to get the support, placing the other hand onto the floor helps and help in feeling the stretch in the upper-outer thigh better as well! Remaining in the pose for a few seconds before repeating on the other side helps.


Adductor Stretch

To practice this one needs to stand with the legs at a shoulder length distance and then lean towards the right side while bending the right knee keeping the other leg straight. Stretching till a small stretch is felt in the inside of the left thigh and then returning to the starting pose and repeating this on the other side does the trick!


Quadriceps Stretch

To do this a person needs to stand with the right leg stepped forward and then bending the right knee while the other leg is straight and steady. Bending the right leg till a stretch is felt on the upper thigh and coming back to the original pose and repeating in the other leg helps!


Inner Thigh Stretch

To practice this, a person needs to stand while the legs are at shoulder width apart and then bend the knees in the form of a deep squat position. The next step is to place the arms in the middle of the thighs and clasp them together and push them outwards and staying in the same pose for a few seconds. Repeating this for at least three reps help!