5 Effective Toning Exercises With Resistance Bands

Toning the body plays a crucial role in attaining the right shape and improving the overall appearance of the body. While you may be losing fat by doing cardio, you need to tone up your saggy skin and muscles at the same time to achieve that desirable figure and resistance bands can prove to be amazingly helpful in this regard. Using a good quality resistance band and using it on a regular basis to practice

Some Of These Below Mentioned Exercises Can Wonderfully Help You Tone At The Right Spots

1. Pull Down

Designed to target the obliques and to make an impact on the inner arms, back, hips and abs as well, this resistance band training exercise offers noticeable results within just a few days. For practicing this, hold the two extreme ends of a resistance band with both your palms and then lift your arms overhead. Maintain the legs at a shoulder width apart distance and then keeping the left arm stable, bend down sideways by pulling the band with your right arm and indulging your obliques and abs at the same time.
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Pull up the right leg at the same time to meet the elbow of the right hand. Keep the feet pointing downwards towards the floor while lifting the leg and pull up the leg by maintaining it sideways, instead of pointing the knee in the front.
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Once the knee and the elbow meet, pull down the leg and arm without touching the feet on the ground. Repeat 10 times and then practice the same on the other side.

Pull Down

2. Resistance Squats

Resistance squats are great for toning the thighs and the glute muscles. For this, stand in the middle part of the resistance band with your feet hip width apart and your hands holding the two ends of the resistance band placed by the side of your legs. Squat down in this position, making sure your knees are not heading beyond your toe tips. Once done, try to squat back up by trying to pull the resistance band. Repeat 10 to 15 times.

Resistance Squats

3. Bicep Curls

Build ripped biceps and rule out those extra inches of flabby fat under your arms with this resistance bicep curl exercise. For that, step up in the middle part of your resistance band, maintaining the two feet hip-width apart.
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Hold two dumbbells in your hands and wrap the ends of the resistance bands around the dumbells.
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Holding the resistance wrapped around the dumbells, position your elbows alongside your body, keeping them tightly stuck to your body. Once you achieve the right position, curl up and down your arms, keeping the elbows and the upper arms stiff.
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Repeat 2-3 times in sets of 10 to 15.

 Bicep Curls

4. Push Ups

Push ups can be extremely difficult on their own and they impose high resistance on shoulder blades and the chest muscles. However; you can move a notch up with that resistance part by deploying a resistance band.
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In this push up circuit you will need to hold the two sides of a resistance band between tour thumbs and palms and throw the rest of the band over your head to place it behind your back. Attain the full push up position on your palms and do normal push ups while working out your core, chest muscles, triceps and leg muscles that extra bit to stretch band, break the resistance and to continue doing the normal push ups.

Push Ups

5. Reverse Lunges

The glutes and the inner thigh muscles are some of the most difficult ones to tone and you can successfully achieve results by trying to tone with a resistance band. For that, stand on the middle part of the resistance band with your right foot and place the other foot out of the band, about a foot apart. Hold the two extreme sides of the band with your hands and pull them up to your head, keeping the two palms by the sides of your head, facing them up towards the ceiling. Maintaining the position, shift the left leg back and kneel down on it like you do in a reverse lunge. Repeat doing the same on the left leg 10 to 15 times and then follow with the other leg.

Reverse Lunges