5 Effective Types Of Aerobic Endurance Training Program


With the kind of busy lifestyle people are leading these days, there is lesser time to take care of the body and keep oneself fit. Here comes in the aerobic endurance training programs which take relatively lesser time, are fun and relatively simple to carry out each day! Moreover, they help in shedding the extra calories, tone the body and increase the fitness level in humans as well.

Some Of The Types Of The Aerobic Endurance Training Program Are Discussed Below

Continuous Training

This is one of the fun filled exercise regime under aerobic endurance training which is named as the continuous training method. This method is about going on a walk or a kind of slow running for a period of approximately thirty minutes wherein no rest is allowed. However, the good news is that the time span need not be perfectly thirty minutes and it can be lesser depending on one’s level of fitness. In the longer run, a person can increase the time line to sixty minutes as well depending on the fitness level and the stamina of the exerciser. This form actually helps one to change the body faster!


Group Classes

The group class form of exercising will be a welcome change for the ones who are in lookout for a different mode of exercising! In here one has a group to workout with wherein all of them has the same focus; being fit and slim.
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In here, one can choose exercise forms such as Zumba, kick boxing and even step aerobics for that matter and shed weight, burn calories and tone the body to a great extent.


Interval Training

Another great form of aerobic endurance training program, this one lets one achieve a active and fit body in the long run. This exercise form involves running for three minutes duration and walking for one minute.
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This one sounds easy but is really tasking and thus the advice is to keep having water to stay hydrated and carry this out in the mornings as the energy level of the body are at the maximum then!
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In case the regular road doesn’t inspire one, changing the path helps in motivation as well!

interval training

Cross Training

This one is a conglomeration of various kinds of exercises which helps in working all the muscles in the body which makes this form much more fun and effective too! This involves creating different kinds of exercise modes for each day, for example jogging on Monday, freehand with music on the Tuesday and maybe swimming on Wednesday and repeating the cycle!


Super Circuit Training

This is the last type of aerobic endurance training program and is also a great one at that too! This one involves the great combination of weight lifting exercises along with strength training put together! In here, each and every circuit is filled with ten varied form of exercises which will not let a person get bored at any moment of time! These exercises focus on working on each and every muscle of the body and also help in toning the body effectively and quickly in the long run. The ten exercises in a circuit, each one of them needs to be practiced for a duration of only 30 seconds at the maximum and rest needs to be taken for ten seconds in the mid of finishing every exercise form as well. In order to get a fitter and toned body, there can be no other exercise regime better than this one!