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5 Effective Yoga Postures To Treat Lupus

Lupus is a disease characterized by inflammation of skin, organs, joints, etc. It is an autoimmune disease and can affect any person between thirteen and thirty. The symptoms include fatigue, fever, skin rashes, joint pain and swelling, thyroid problems, GI problems, dizziness, etc. Certain yoga postures have been found to be beneficial for easing lupus symptoms. Read on to know how to perform those asanas and what benefits they offer.

Yoga Poses For Lupus

Viparita Karani

Lie flat on the floor and place your hands over your hips and using your hands for supporting the legs, lift them upwards. Make sure your knees are straight and toes are pointed while lifting your legs up. Use your arms to support the spine and elbow to support the body. Stay in this position for 10 seconds and relax.


This asana is helpful for alleviating the joint pain and inflammation associated with lupus. It increases blood circulation throughout the body and relieves fatigue. It relieves back pain, leg cramps, and headache. It helps beat depression, anxiety, stress and insomnia.

Mountain Pose

Stand straight with back upright. Place the feet close to each other. The hands should be kept close to the sides of the body. Stare forward and lift your hands above your head. Interlock the fingers and stand on your toes. Raise your head a bit up to lengthen your neck. Return to original position and repeat the same.


This posture stretches all the muscles in the body and improves blood circulation. It reduces inflammation and joint pain and improves posture as well as stability. It makes the nervous system stronger and is beneficial for people with back pain.

Camel Pose

First, kneel down on the ground. Position your hands on the hips. Make sure your knees are aligned with your shoulders and sole of the feet is facing upwards. Push your tailbone inwards and start bending towards your back. Hold your feet using your hands. The elbows should be straight. Relax your neck as you bend. Hold this position for 5 seconds and return to original position.


This posture stretches the back and increases blood circulation. It reduces pain and swelling of feet and hands. It relieves congestion and increases metabolic activity. It also helps improves posture and relieves respiratory and thyroid problems. The spine becomes flexible with regular practice of this posture.

Cobra Pose

Lie down on your stomach and keep your hands beneath your shoulder. Breathe in and raise your torso upwards. Press your palm downwards and bend further back. Push the chest forward and keep the leg firm on the ground. Breathe in and breathe out and hold the position for 5 seconds. Relax and repeat the same.


This exercise strengthens the whole body and improves blood circulation. It relieves back pain and makes the arms and legs stronger.

It aligns the body and strengthens the nervous system.

Swastik Asana

Sit down with legs extended. Rest your hands on the sides with your palms facing upwards.

Fold your right leg and position it over the thigh joints of left leg. Similarly, fold your left leg and position it over the thigh joint of the right leg. Place your hands over the knees in gyan mudra.


This position clams the mind and body and stretches the back bone. It stretches the sciatic nerves and relieves pain.

It regulates body temperature and improves posture.


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