5 Effectual Chest Bench Press Workouts

Chest bench press exercise routine is a common sight among men these days and it is generally due to the fact that a man needs good and chiseled chest region more than anything while working out. These kinds of exercises work out on all the chest muscles effectively resulting into increasing the mass in the chest region.

Some Of The Simple Chest Bench Press Workouts Are Discussed Below

Narrow Grip Floor Press

This kind of chest bench press exercise regime targets the upper chest region in a person and helps in activating the upper chest region by bringing the elbows to the sides while putting the upper chest in a position to carry out its functions properly. This exercise is also effective due to the fact that it keeps the legs away from the activity while the chest is the only region which is working out.

Smith Machine Overload Bench Press

This variation of bench press exercise regime involves the work out of the middle region of the chest and it involves the help of two other people while practicing it. This kind of exercise needs the use of a special Smith Machine as well wherein the partners help in adjusting the extra weight and the person needs to pull and push the bar repeatedly according to the method and the instructions.

JM Press

This bench press exercise regime works wonders on the tricep region directly and allows one to use extremely heavy weights. This exercise regime is commonly used by the power lifters and is a hybrid between a close grip bench press and a skull crusher as well.

Dead Bench Press

This type of bench press exercise regime targets on the middle portion of the chest and is done by pushing the weight from a dead stop.

Reverse Grip Bench Press

This kind of chest bench press exercise regime helps in targeting the upper chest area to a great extent and researches have proved that this kind of exercising is more beneficial than the conventional flat pronated grip bench press activities and thus yields more results. Care should be indeed taken while practicing this one as it is a rather difficult one than the conventional other bench press regimes available.


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