5 Elliptical Machines For Weight Loss

There are wide variations of the machines in terms of designs, features and price. One can find many varieties in the market, which helps in loss of weight along with toning the body. But instead of heading to the gym, you can keep some at home or at least by one of these for getting a complete model. Few models are reviewed below.

5 Elliptical Machines For Weight Loss:

Pro Form Elliptical 400

Pro Form Elliptical 400 offers only jogging and walking and can withstand up to 300lbs of weight. It is meant for those who desire to shed some weight while keeping them in motion. But works great for those who want to remain fit and want something that the entire family can use.

650 T Space-Saver

For people interested in losing weight on a constrained budget, 650 T Space-saver programmed with ten workouts is a great option. The model 675 is an economically prices model not meant for serious exercises. The ones who want to remain fit using machines only a few times weekly, use it for walking, jogging and running without risking their knees and joints. The LCD display attached to this model informs you about the calories burnt, speed of movement, heart rates determined by the EKG Grip Pulse sensors.

ProForm 850 Elliptical

The 850 is a spectacular all-rounder machine that deals with long-term fitness. It bears the Game-fit technology and comes with two interactive video games and an Interplay music port that will keep you entertained while workouts.
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It was not until considerable studies and researches had been carried out that version 900 got launched. Capable of burning huge amount of calories with very less effort, this Pro Form elliptical machine compensates for any local gym.
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Offering proportional development of muscles and simultaneous upper and lower workouts, this machine encourages weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.

Cross Trainer Elliptical 1200

If you are looking for toning down specific areas of your body then there is also the model 1200. Operating on a ‘Fast target’ principle, it offers dual advantages of weight-training exercises and aerobics. With its primary target being weight loss, this machine is capable of burning huge amount of fats.

20.0 Cross Trainer Elliptical

The model 20.0 Cross Trainer Elliptical is probably the best elliptical available in markets. It is an all in one elliptical machine that combines a potent cardio workout along with a strong muscle-building workout. You can never go wrong in deciding to own a Pro Form Elliptical machine for your fitness program as it is the most popular fitness device in vogue. These machines will always benefit you from their extended warranty on all equipment.


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