5 Essential Stretching Exercises For Bodybuilders To Reduce Muscle Tightness


Muscle tightness can have serious consequences. It can lead to improper workouts and also injuries in many circumstances. Bodybuilders should include a number of essential stretching exercises in their daily routine to reduce any kind of muscle soreness and tightness. These stretching workouts help in relaxing muscles, help in improved circulation and slowly reduce muscle tightness and fatigue. Bodybuilders should include a number of stretching exercises to reduce soreness and fatigue.

Here Are 5 Stretching Exercises To Reduce Muscle Tightness

1. The Forward Hang

Start by standing with your feet a little distance apart from one another. Your knees shall be a bit bent. You need to interlace your fingers just behinds. If you find it difficult to touch your hands, you can use a towel too. Slowly breathe in and straighten the arms. You can expand your chest too. Exhale slowly and bend from your waist.
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Your hands shall stretch close to your hold. Stay in this position for at least three deep breaths.

The Forward Hang

2. Runner’s Stretch

Start the workout by placing your right foot forward. You can lower in a lunge position. Touch the floor with your fingertips. Slowly breathe in and in a single movement you need to exhale. Try to be comfortable and do not exert yourself. Straighten up your right leg. Get back to the lunge position. You need to repeat the exercise at least four times. Switch sides and continue.

Runner's Stretch

3. Seated Pigeon

This is an easy stretch which takes just a few minutes. This workout is highly effective in reducing muscle tightness and lack of flexibility.
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Start by sitting down as you keep your knees bent. Keep your feet flat on the floor. You need to position the right ankle just on the top of the left thigh. You can then slowly flex the right foot.
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You will then place your hands just behind your body. Your fingertips shall face away from the body. You can press the hips and move towards the heels. You will feel a nice stretch by your outer left hip. Your back shall be straight. Your chest will be relaxed and open in this position. Stay in this position for at least six breaths. You can then repeat.

 Seated Pigeon

4. Low Lunge Arch

Start the exercise as you stretch your right foot a bit forward by moving a step in front. Get in a lunge position. You can slowly lower the left knee on the floor. Move your arms just in front and place it in front of the right leg. You will hook the thumbs together. Your palm shall face the floor. You will slowly breathe in and move your arms right overhead. You will stretch your arms as much as you can. Count five and then you can switch your sides. This exercise helps in improving circulation and builds flexibility of the muscles.

Low Lunge Arch

5. Lateral Hip Opening

This exercise helps in stretching the hip muscles and builds flexibility. Start the exercise by lying down on your back. Keep your right knee bent. Your foot shall be flat on the floor. Keep your left leg extended. Now, press the right foot so that you can move onto the left hip. This will be your start position. Slowly squeeze the right glutes and press the left hip open. You will feel a good stretch. Wait for a few seconds and get back to the start position. This will be one repetition. You need to do at least three such repetitions.

Lateral Hip Opening