When it comes to exercising many people have misconceptions which they believe is true. It is very important to have proper and right knowledge of exercise. A right kind of exercise knowledge can make you or break you in the long run. So always stay fit and healthy by correcting your long held notions and beliefs about exercise.
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This article will educate you about the five exercise myths people carry in their mind.

These Are Some Myths About Exercise

Cardio Is Sufficient For Healthy Body

You must have seen many people who just walk in the park at the same speed which they used to walk one year ago. A fit body requires healthy functioning of all organs and body parts of the party. Your exercise should not be just limited to just cardio exercise but should be a combination of cardio, strength training and stretches. You need to increase the level of resistance and give your body some challenges so that it does not become habitual of the same old routines. Exercise your muscles too and stretch them to make them flexible and relaxed.

If One Sweats That Means Good Workout

It must not be necessarily true. Some people have the nature of perspire very quickly. Sweating is just a body’s way of cooling down.
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It can’t precisely be out into the terms of intense exercise. To assure yourself of having done a vigorous workout one should notice the difference in your heart rate.

Women Do Not Require Weight Lifting Exercise

Weight training is essential for both men and women. Off course women would not build dense muscle like men. To make muscles and bones strong is very much required especially in women after the age of 30. Stronger bones can reduce the chances of diseases which happen due to decrease in the mass of bones like osteoporosis, arthritis, knee and joint pains etc.
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Performing Exercise That Targets To Remove Fat From Belly Region

This has been observed in women whose overall body is perfectly fine but a flabby and bulky belly. They are interested in doing only exercises which help you lose belly fat.
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Actually there is no term like “spot reduction”.
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When you focus on full body exercise not only all your goals will be achieved but also all body parts will start functioning better.

People Many Times Skip Stretches And Don’t Give Much Importance

Just like your workout a good amount of stretching is also important. It makes body flexible and less prone to injuries and disease which many times happen due to stiffness and rigidness of body. Your muscles and bones would not damage and break easily with little twist and bending.
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It allows your muscles to lengthen, quiet your ever chattering mind and rejuvenate your soul.

Beware of the above myths and remember these facts to keep yourself fit always. A good knowledge of exercise can make exercise an enjoyable and fulfilling experience!!


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