5 Exercise For Toning And Strengthening Waist Muscles

Who doesn’t wish to have a tight, toned midsection or a small waist?
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It is not easy to tone and strengthen waist muscles, especially for women who tend to gain weight in this mid-section. In order to lose fat, tone and strengthen your waist muscles, you need to include a few specific exercises in your workout schedule.

These exercises are effective in conditioning and strengthening the muscles while offering great support to the core. Include these waist muscles toning and strengthening exercises in your everyday routine for the perfect body which you always craved for.

Easy Exercises To Strengthen And Tone Waist Muscles

1. Curtsy Curl

An easy exercise which helps in toning and strengthening waist muscles effectively and quickly. You need to hold a dumbbell in your left hand. Your weight shall be on left leg. Now, you will cross your right leg just behind and to your left. You can then lower in a curtsy lunge position. You need to bend your knees as you choose to keep your bodyweight in your left leg. Hinge a bit forward from the hips as you reach out to hold the dumbbell on your left leg. Now, get up from the lunge. Move your right leg to your side as the left leg straightens. You can rotate your body towards the right. Your left elbow shall bend so that your weight is across the chest.

Get back to the start position quickly. Repeat. You can repeat on left and right. This shall be one set. You need to do 5 such sets.

Curtsy Curl

2. Waist Bicycle

This exercise works out the oblique muscles which are along the waist. Start by lying on your back. Your hands shall be behind your head comfortably. Pull your legs from the ground. Your knees shall be bent at a 90-degree angle. They will be just above your hips. You can lift your shoulder and hips from the ground as you prepare. Now, exhale and slowly cross the right shoulder to your left knee. You can extend your right leg so that your leg is at least three inches above the ground. Inhale. Get back to the center. Repeat on your other side. This shall be one repetition. You need to do 12 repetitions for a set and do at least three sets to start.

Waist Bicycle

3. Hip Switches

Start the workout by holding a light weight in your left hand. Your weight will be on left leg. Now, slowly cross the right leg and bring it behind, towards the left. You can then lower the right leg a bit and try to reach the ground. Inhale. You can use your abs and slowly rotate your legs and hips. You can rotate the top of your foot close the floor. Exhale and slowly turn your hips and move your glutes towards the sky. You can squeeze your butt in this position as you are curling your weight close to your shoulders. This shall be like a biceps curl. Try and make the exercise effective by restricting the movement of right shoulders and legs.

Hip Switches

4. Captain’s Chair Workout

This exercise can be done in the gym. This equipment is like the back of a chair which has arm-rests. There is no seat. You need to step on foot pads. Lean a bit against the back of the chair for back support. You can place the forearms on pads and catch hold of the handles. You can take your feet off the platform and allow your legs hang close to the floor.

You can exhale and slowly contract the abs. You can bring up your knees towards the chest.
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You can inhale and release your back down. This will be one repetition. You need to do at least three sets of 12 repetitions. Doing this workout regularly will help in toning and strengthening your waist muscles effectively.

Captain's Chair Workout

5. Reaching Row

You need dumbbells for this exercise. You need to stand with your right foot forward. Now, get into a lunge position. Hinge a bit forward from the hips as you make a 45-degree angle. You will try and reach the dumbbells down. Your palms shall face the thighs. You can bend your left elbow a bit just behind your body. Your elbow can open out to your side as you pull your weight in front. As your left arm will extend back towards the floor, you can bend your right elbow just behind your body. You can switch sides. Move your arms fast. This shall be one repetition. You can do all the repetitions on your first side. Repeat with your opposite foot forward. Your ab will be drawn in and tight. Your torso shall rotate from one side to another as you row. Your waist muscles will get toned, strengthened and excess fat shall melt away.
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Reaching Row