Top 5 Exercises And Foods And To Lose Belly Fat

When it comes to weight loss, it is highly suggested that you combine the right blend of food with exercises, especially for loss of belly fat. The right combination of food and exercise becomes crucial here because unlike other body parts, your stomach is the hub of your digestive system.

So overeating or even eating the wrong foods results in bloating, gas, etc. which means weight gain.

So Check Out These Exercises And Food Combinations-



One of the best fruits for weight loss has to be grapefruit. It works for the simple reason that you don’t add too many calories to your diet but are adding a lot of fibres along with high content of water. Grapefruit is also one of the rare fruits that has zero calories and only natural sugars that aid in metabolism.

Honey And Lemon Water

This works in reducing your belly like none other. The combination of warm water with honey and lemon is known to boost your digestive cycle along with rate of metabolism. It further melts fat too that adds to losing belly fat. Have one glass on empty stomach everyday.


Don’t go by the saying that banana is high on fat. Because it is made of mostly water. But it is also high on minerals and keeps you fuller for a longer time. So what happens here is by eating a banana you gain less calories but stay fuller. It also helps in getting rid of bloating by cleansing the system.


Again, this is a fruit that combines lots of water with the goodness of fibre. So munch on celeries in the morning with salads or on their own. It aids weight loss and detoxifies too.


High fibre oats keep you filler for long, provide you with nutrition and also do not add to the calories. They take longer to digest but do not lead to any kind of bloating.


This combination of exercises should be done at least 3-4 days a week to see visible weight loss.


Be it running, walking or swimming, cardio should be done 4 days a week for at least 30 minutes for visible belly fat loss. Without cardio the stubborn fat along the waistline will never go.

Strength Training

For this, you can either use your own body weight or even dumbbells and kettle bells. The idea is to tone the muscles and make them leaner so that they burn more fat in the process and continue doing so post a workout out too.


Stomach stretches are crucial for loss of belly fat. It works on the muscles, helps them stretch and cool, which in turn elongates the shape of the belly – giving you a slimmer experience. Think of the bow pose or simply raising you hands from the core.

Ab Exercises

Any kind of ab exercises can be done for belly fat loss. Be it crunches, planks, etc. But make sure that you work them in this combination.

Alone, ab exercises don’t work at all. Ideally, crunches, leg raises, sit ups are suggested for working the core muscles of the body.

Pilates And Yoga

Pilates works on the core of the body. They combine core movements, strengthen your abs and also stretch. So make sure you do at least 2-3 exercises from this sequence. Think of moves like sun salutation, roll ups and even static plank poses that are known for working on the core muscles of the body.


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