5 Exercises For Better Nose Shape

Our nose plays an important role in how we look. A perfectly shaped nose is often said to be a gift from God, because most of us are not happy with how are nose is. This is one of the main reasons why increasing number of people are turning towards cosmetic surgeries to get the desired shape of nose. Such surgeries are risky and extremely costly too. Here are some exercises which can change the shape of your nose.

How To Keep Your Nose In Shape:

1. Nose Squeezes

Nose squeezing helps in giving a balanced shape to your nose. Start by placing your index finger or your thumb on each side of the upper bridge of your nose. You will be applying a bit of pressure for 10 seconds and release. Do this at least 20 times in a day to change how your nose is.


2. Nose Breathing Exercise

This is an effective exercise that strengthens and also shapes your nose. Block one nostril and inhale from the other nostril.
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Do this for 5 seconds and reverse the blocking.
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You will exhale from the open nose for at least 8 seconds and so on. This helps in strengthening and shaping nose cartilage.


3. Nose Shortening

A good exercise which ensures health of the nose. It also stops any deterioration of nose cartilage. Start by pushing the nose tip with your index finger. You will then slowly compress your nose muscles by gently bending the nose downwards. Your fingers will be in place at this time.
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You should do this exercise everyday at least two times in sets of 2 and at least 30 times in every set to see results.


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4. Nose Narrow Exercise

For those who wish to have a narrow nose or feel their nose is too spread out or broad, this exercise is really effective. Start by dropping your mouth and chin down. You will also contract your nose at this point. This is a great exercise to workout different inner muscles of your nose and helps in tightening them. Regular exercising will help you get a slimmer nose.


5. Nose Lifting

You need to make an “O” formation with mouth as you will keep your eyes closed. Look upwards. Slightly bend your head back and lift the chest. It will help in stretching facial muscles and help in lifting the nose and give it a better shape.