5 Exercises For Building Powerful And Flexible Deltoid Muscles

5 Exercises For Building Powerful

Deltoid muscles are located at the sides of your shoulders and play a major role in your flexibility and building power in case of sportsmen and bodybuilders. If these muscles lack flexibility and power, there are increased chances of getting injured and hurt during workouts. There are many exercises which help in building the flexibility and power of these muscles, along with offering good support to the spine. These exercises can be done with and without weight.

Variation in these exercises is quite effective and brings great results in the required time.

Here Are 5 Exercises For Building Powerful and Flexible Deltoid Muscles:

1. Military Pushups

These are quite similar to the traditional pushups, except for the fact that the hand placement is a bit different. You do not have to keep your hands wider than the shoulders. Your hands will be just under the shoulders. Your fingers shall be pointed straight and ahead of you. You need to slowly lower your body down and towards the floor. Your elbows shallremainn just along your body and not flared along the sides, as it is in case of the traditional pushups.This shall put a lot of pressure on the shoulders. As your elbows make a 90 degree, you can slowly extend them and push the back up and get back in a starting position. You can also do the exercise from your knees. This is suggested for those who do not have th strength to do this from their toes.

Military Pushups

2. Pike Press

Start the exercise by placing your feet up comfortably on a bench. Your hands shall be placed on ground. Your chest shall be close to the floor. You need to keep your legs straight. You need to bend from your waist, which will make your head and shoulders point to the ground. You can bend from your elbows and you need to slowly lower the shoulders and move them close to the floor. You can touch your head to the floor. Push back again. This shall be one repetition. You need to do 10 such repetitions to start with.

Pike Press

3. PullUp Power

Pullups are very effective in building flexibility, power and strength of the deltoid muscles, which are one of the most important shoulder muscles To do this workout you will need one secure horizontal pullup bar. You can use some similar structure also, if you do not have the pullup bar. Start the exercises by keeping your hands at least shoulder distance apart. You will then gradually yourself up the bar so that your chin nicely hovers just above this bar.

You can then again lower your body and get back to your original position. In case the bar is not high enough, you might even feel the need to have your knees bent. However, do not exert yourself at any point of the exercise. If you feel a pain or strain, you can immediately stop.

PullUp Power

4. Dips

Dips is quite common and effective workout which improves blood circulation in the deltoid muscles, improves flexibility and adds power. Dips can be done by beginners too but with lesser number of repetitions, or they might injury or sprain their muscles. You need to place yourself just between the dip bars.

You will again grip each of the bars with your hands. You will again pick up your body from the floor, as the weight is in your hands. You will do the workout as you keep your arms straight. Your knees, hips and shoulders will be in one vertical line. You can slowly bend the elbows and lower the body as you move towards the floor. You need to continue down, till your elbows 90-degree degree angle. You can then extend your arms and slowly pull up your body. You can get back to the start position. Do dips for ten minutes every day at least to build powerful and flexible deltoid muscles.


5. Full Circles

Arm circles are often referred to as beginners workout. This is an easye exercise which doesn’t require any equipment, but is very effective in strengthening the deltoid muscles along with the biceps, triceps and shoulder muscles. Start the exercise by standing straight. You can pull the abdominal muscles close by your spine. This will offer a strong foundation. Now, move up your arms and by your sides. This shall make them parallel to the ground. You need to move them quickly in small circles and forward. You will feel your arms getting exhausted and tired. You can then change the direction and again move them slowly backwards. Take rest for some time and then you can repeat at least two times.

Full Circles