5 Exercises For Building Rotational Muscle Strength For Better Performance

Rotational strength building is one of those few areas which are often ignored by fitness freaks. However, if you are a sportsman and looking forward to improve your energy, movement, flexibility and overall performance, you cannot afford to ignore workouts which help in building rotational strength. However, it is recommended to do these exercises with the help of your fitness expert, if you are doing it for the first time.

Here are 5 Exercises For Building Rotational Strength

1. Battling Ropes

This is a smart tool which helps in working out your body in every kind of motion. Start by holding the ropes with handles. You can then point towards the ceiling. You will then pull this rope straight and carefully step in. Your hands shall be closer. Keep rotating the handles which are outside the right hip. You will then pull this rope upwards. Bring it close to the left hip. Move your right leg and the rope is moved to the right hip. You need to keep moving and rotating the rope from your hip to hip. This movement will make you arch to the shoulders.
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2. Russian Twist

This exercise is all about rotation movements which are common in hitting and throwing games. This exercise is done in a sitting position and this is what makes it different from all other rotational exercises which are done in a standing position. As you sit on the exercise mat, keep your knees bent. They should be at a 90-degree angle approximately.You will hold a light weight or a medicine ball and slowly lower your body. You will be making a 130-degree angle.
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In this position, you can shift from left to right as you touch the ball. You need to repeat this twist at least ten times which will make a set. Do three sets.


3. Standing Trunk Twist

Stand straight as you keep your feet a little distance apart. You need to hold a weight at the height of your shoulders.
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Keep your hands straight. Now, rotate to your right. Move as much as you can. Reverse the direction. You can move to the left till you are not able to rotate further. Repeat as many times as you are able to. This helps in building rotational muscle strength.


4. Side Throws

This exercise helps in building endurance and helps in smart rotational movement. You will start the exercise as your keep your shoulders completely perpendicular. You will be close to the wall. Your left shoulder will be close to the wall. Your feet shall be shoulder distant apart. You will hold the medicine ball and start rotating it away from the wall. You will hold the ball behind your hip at 90-degree angle. Rotate a bit forward and throw this ball to the wall. You can deliver the ball at the height of your hips. You will throw more weight just on front foot. You need to catch the medicine ball as it rebounds. Repeat the movement. You can repeat the movement on your right side.


5. Rotational Lunge

Start by taking the weight as your palms face one another. Stand straight and tall. Now, step back. Bend the front knee and get into a lunge position. You will rotate the weight just outside your front knee. Hinge a bit forward slowly. Do not move around the weight forward.
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Get back your leg to the original position and stand straight. You will stand up straight as you swing the weight in front.
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You will again lunge back with your other leg. Allow the sandbag to swing. Do this at least five times as you start.
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