5 Exercises For Collar Muscles For Improved Sports

Strong shoulder, neck and collar muscls are extremely important for all sports activities, as these muscle determine strength and endurance of the sportsman. These muscles are most in use during throwing, pushing and contact based games. Athletes should ideally focus on strengthening their collar muscles for better endurance and strength. If you have strong collar muscles, you have low risk of injury and your push and pull movements become easier. You have better control and there is improved performance in your various sporting activities.

Here Are 5 Exercises For Collar Muscles:

1. Overhead Shrug

This is the perfect exercise for beginners who need to start out with light exercises. Start by grasping the bar tightly with your arms. Hold it in your hands as you keep them at least shoulder width apart. This will cause a bit of strain on your muscles. Press the bar overhead. As your arms are extended and the elbows locked, you can shrug the bar upwards and downwards for a few repetitions. Your collar muscles will get stronger with better flexibility.


2. Push Press

Start in a standing position. Your spine shall be straight. You will need a barbell and hold it above your head. Your arms hands shall be a little distance apart, preferably shoulder distance apart.

You will bend from your knees and hips. Extend your hips, ankles and knees. You need to slowly lower and get back to the starting position. You can repeat at least six times. Do four such sets. Your collar muscles will be well toned.


3. Dumbbell Rows

These are one of the common exercises which workout on the collar muscles and reduce their stiffness. Start by placing your right knee and hand on the bench. Your left foot shall be resting on the floor. Hold the dumbbell in your left hand. Your palm will face inward. You can bring your dumbbell close to the chest as you keep your elbow tight and close to the body. Count two in this position. You can lower your dumbbell and get back to the start position. Repeat the movement. If you are just starting, you can do just thrice and slowly improve the count as you get comfortable. Do the same movement on your opposite side.Your collar muscles shall improve your arm flexibility.


4. Fat Gripping Shrug

Start the exercise by keeping your feet apart. You will hold the grips. Hold them just outside the thighs. You need to shrug the shoulders as high as you are able to. Stay in this position for a second.

You can get back to the starting position and then repeat.

You can also use a grip sleeve on bar.

You will benefit in two ways as you will be working out the neck and forearms as well along with the collar muscles.


5. Single Arm Press With Kettlebell

Kettlebell is used in the workout instead of the dumbbell, as the weight and shape distribution of the bell, helps in pulling the shoulder in a specific position. The mobility and flexibility of the collar muscles improve tremendously. Start the exercise by standing on your feet. Your feet shall be wide apart. You need to hold a kettlebell just in front of the shoulder. The palm shall be in. Your elbow will be tucked in. The weight shall rest on the top section of the forearm. You can press it. It should straighten up. Rotate the arms. Your palm shall be facing forward. You need to repeat ten movements on both the arms.