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5 Exercises For Core Stability And Reduce Risk Of Injury

Core stability is one of the most important attributes of our body and is vital for bodybuilders and athletes. A stable core helps in maintaining the equilibrium of the body during movement. Core stability is also a preventive measure for body builders, helping them stay safe from injury in the lower spine area. Thus, it is important to improve and build core stability with exercises designed for the purposes.

Here Are 5 Exercises For Core Stability And Reduce Risk Of Injury:

1. Ab Roller

This is one of the best workouts to build your core stability, though it takes a lot of time to master this. For this exercise, you will need an ab roller which has a wide grip. If the grip is quite wide, it is going to help you. You can do the exercise on your knees if you are not able to do it on your feet. Start by taking your position on the floor with roller wheels on your hands.
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Move up the roller wheel and extend your body frontwards. Move as much as you can and then again bring the roller towards your body. You need to repeat this 12 times.
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Do in sets of 3. This helps in building stable core muscles and reduces the chances of injury.

2. Circle Plank

You will start the exercise in a plank position. Keep your abs tight. Slowly pull your right knee in. You will then circle your knee in a clockwise direction. You will also move in counter-clockwise direction. Your body will be firm with little movement. You will repeat the exercise at least five times and then you can switch legs. It will help in stabilizing your core and improve balance which will prevent injuries.

3. Knee Fold Tuck

You need to keep your hands on the floor and sit tall for this exercise. Keep your knees bent. In between your knees, you will keep a playground ball. Now, slowly lift your legs so that your shins are just parallel to the ground. Keep your arms extended in this position. You will then pull your knees close to your shoulders. Your upper body shall be still in this position. You will slowly get back your knees to the start position. Repeat this at least 12-15 times as per your comfort level.

4. Standing Plate Twist

Start the exercise in a standing position. You will need a plate which should be ideally within 10-45 pound range. This is totally dependent on your strength and comfort. You will hold this weight straight and at your shoulder level. Just as you do in case of bar twist, you need to go as far as you can. Move slowly from one side to another. Your back foot will be twisting slowly with the plate and your feet shall be firm. You can do this exercise in 4 sets. You can do two twists on your both sides. This is the best exercise for core stability.
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5. Climbing Rope

This is an easy exercise which helps in improving core stability and can help in preventing injury. Start by sitting as you keep your legs extended. Your feet shall be turned out like a V position. Your toes shall be pointed. Now, slowly contract your core muscles and then roll your spine region to make a C curve. You will then move your arms after you lift them just as you climb a rope. You will slightly twist with your reach. You will do at least two reaches for every arm.


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