5 Exercises For Firmer And Tighter Chest Muscles

Chest muscles are an important muscle of the body which need regular workouts to strengthen, firm them and have them tighter. These exercises involve a number of movements and usually target all the major chest muscles. You need to work on your chest muscles on a regular basis, ideally twice in a week. Tighter chest muscles mean better strength and endurance, especially in case of sportsmen and bodybuilders.When you are working on your chest muscles, you need to ensure that you havea strong posture throughout the workout. Firm and tight chest muscles will also relax your mind and boost for confidence level for great fitness and firmness.

Here Are 5 Exercises For Firmer And Tighter Chest Muscles:

1. Medicine Ball Slams:

You will need a medicine ball for this workout. Hold the ball in your both hands. You will then move it just above the head. Your feet shall be at least hip distacne apart. Keep your knees a little bent. You will then slam this ball on the floor as hard as possible. Now, pick it and do the same movement at least 20 times. This shall be one set. You need to do at least three such sets. The slamming motion is very effective for your chest muscles. It helps in targeting the specific muscles and tones them effectively.

Medicine Ball Slams

2. Pushups:

Pushups help in working out the chest muscles effectively. This is a dynamic exercise which helps in toning the upper body and the core muscles. You can place your hands on the floor. Your hands shall be for shoulder distance apart. Your fingers will be a bit fanned. You can lift the balls of your feet from the ground. You can press the heels back.

You can drop the hips in line and also your body. You can widen the shoulders just across the upper back. You can have your shoulders just above the hands. You will again bend the elbows back, just behind you. Now, slowly lower your chest towards the floor. Move down as much as you wish. You should not compromise on the shoulder joint. You can again press up and slowly straighten the arms. You can keep a little bend from your shoulders. You can repeat the workout at least 10 times. You can do three sets at a times.


3. Cable Fly:

Adding this exercise in your daily routine will help in building firmness and tightness in your chest muscles. Your muscles enjoy a steady tension throughout the workout. Start by attaching at least two handles to the pulley cables of a station. Ensure that the cables have a good grip. You can hold the handle in your hand.

You need to stand in a staggered stance just in the mid of station. Keep your arms outstretched but let it be a bit bent. You can slowly lean a bit from your hips. You should not be rounding your back. Do not change the bend in your arms. Bring the hands together and then you can slowly reverse the entire movement. This exercise will help in building strong and firm chest muscles.

Cable Fly

4. Bench Press:

This is a common exercise which helps in tightening and strengthening the chest muscles. This exercise will not just workout the chest muscles but will also work on the triceps too. The stability ball has an unstable surface which helps to improve balance and coordination. Start the workout by lying on your back and on a stability ball. Your shoulder blades need to have good space to move around. Keep your knees bent at a 90-degree angle. You will hold dumbbells just by your armpits. Your knuckles shall be facing forward. You can count three, as you slowly push the weights away from chest. Your arms shall be just above you. Now, get back to the start position and count the same numbers. Do this for 8-10 counts.

 Bench Press

5. Close Grip Bench Press:

This exercise is good for your joint muscles and the chest muscles. It is also said to be a variation of the bench press routine. You need to use one overhead grip for the exercise. This grip should be a bit narrow from the width of your shoulder. You will hold one barbell just above your head, as you have your arms straight. Now, slowly lower this bar to your chest. Stay in this position for one second. You can again press the bar up. This is also a good workout to ensure that your chest and shoulder muscles are well protected throughout the workout. You need to do this at least 8-10 times as a set. Do 2 such sets when you start working out.

Close Grip Bench Press