5 Exercises For Functional Back Strength Without Weights

A strong back means a healthy back! Functional back strength exercises help in building strength and confidence amongst the bodybuilders. These workouts are quite important for sportsmen too, as they help in building flexibility and improves endurance level. Functional back strength means strong back muscles which offer good support to the spine and also helps in improving posture. If your back is strong, you will face no difficulty in flexing, bending and rotating. Functional back strength helps in toning your muscles in a better way and that too without weights. If you are among those who like to avoid weights, these exercises are just perfect for you.

Here Are 5 Exercises For Functional Back Strength Without Weights:

1. Superman:

Lie down with your face down. Your eyes will have a neutral gaze and your chin shall be on the ground. The ankles shall be in touch with the toes pointed just under you. Now, you will move your arms out just above the shoulders. In this way, your palms shall be flat on the floor. You need to keep your back engaged. Involve your shoulders and glutes and pull your body a few inches off the floor. Keep your arms and the legs contracted. This will ensure that your feet and hand are at the same height. You will be in a static position. Stay in this position as you engage the body to fly like superman. You need to repeat three times. The static hold shall be of 15-30 seconds. Take rest of half a minute in between the sets.


2. Fire Hydrant:

This is a highly beneficial exercise which helps in keeping your core engaged. Through this workout, you will also be able to reach out to some of the most difficult back muscles, instead of the butt and thigh muscles. Your quads, thighs and butt muscles are easily worked out. Stand in a comfortable position as you keep the feet together.
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You will bend the knees a bit. Now, slowly lean a bit forward and place the hands just above the knees. You will try to move the abs inward as you stay in this position. You will slowly lift and bend your legs so that the legs are located just behind you. You can then move the legs close to you, as you move them in a circular motion. You need to repeat at least 15 times for your each leg.

Fire Hydrant

3. Marching Bridge:

This is a good variation of a static bridge workout. Your feet shall be on the floor in a comfortable position. This exercise is quite challenging and requires you to move your foot from the floor. It also targets the different stabilizer muscles at the back. Start by lying down on the back. Keep your knees bent. Your feet shall be completely flat and relaxed on the floor. You need to extend the arms by your sides. Your palm shall be down. You need to press into the feet and slowly move your back down. You can lift your other foot off the ground. Keep alternating or keep marching in one place. This exercise is also said to be an effective glute exercise.

Marching Bridge

4. Dolphin Kick:

You need to position yourself in a face down position on the bench. The crease of your hip shall be by the end of the bench. Your feet shall be rested on the ground. Your hands shall be engaged by the side of the bench for support. You can straighten the legs as you slowly raise them, as you keep your abdominals engaged.
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Your spinal erectors of the back, hips, and glutes shall also be engaged.
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Ensure that your toes are pointed away from the body. They should be just above the head while you are at the top of the movement. You need to stay in this static position for at least five seconds. You will keep all the muscles of your body engaged before you drop the feet a little below the bench. You need to contract them again for the repetition.
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You need to do 3 sets. Each set shall be of 5 repetitions.

Dolphin Kick

5. Inverted Row:

This exercise workouts the whole upper back muscles. You need rings and a sturdy table to do this exercise. Hold the rings or you can also strap them to the edge of the table with hands. Your hands shall be in a wider position than the shoulders. You need to bend the knees and have your feet on the ground. Slowly contract the core muscles. Your body shall be in a straight line from the shoulders to knows. You will bend the elbows and move yourself up till your chest touches the handles or the edge of the table. You will lower your back down and start with great control. If you wish to make this a bit more challenging, you can walk the feet out.

Inverted Row