5 Exercises For Lower Trapezius Strengthening And Endurance

5 Exercises For Lower Trapezius Strengthening And Endurance

Strengthening the lower trapezius muscles is quite important as these muscles are responsible for flexibility, improved performance and strength of the muscles. Many bodybuilders often neglect working out these specific muscles, which can lead to increased chances of injuries during workout. Exercises which strengthen the lower trapezius muscles help in muscle growth, strength and offer complete support to the core. These exercises also help in building a good back, optimum flexibility and healthy spine. Bodybuilders should specially concentrate on lower trapezius muscles, as they help in building strength and agility.

Here Are 5 Exercises For Lower Trapezius Strengthening and Endurance:

1. Fly In Reverse

This reverse cable fly workout targets the lower trapezius muscles and includes the low fibers. You will need a stacked weight machine to do this workout.

There should be two stacks and a free floating cable and pulley system. There should be at least two independent handles. You need to stand as you face the machine. Your arms should be locked at elbows. You need to draw the existing handles a bit back at the level of your chest. You need to keep drawing the handles till they come up to the level of our chest and your arms are at the sides. You need to control the movement as they return. This movement should be done at least 6-8 times at a stretch.

Bent-Over Reverse Fly

2. Seated Cable Y Raise

To do this workout, start in a seated position. This will prevent the hip muscles in getting any kind of assistance. This exercise shall also isolate the lower trap muscles and work them effectively. Start by sitting down comfortably on a cable row machine. You need to cross the handles so that the handles are close during the movement. Your core should be engaged as you sit straight with the arms facing the palm down, comfortably and towards the floor. Your feet should be shoulder-distance apart.

They should be flat on the floor. Now, slowly exhale and move your hands up above. Your biceps should be in a line with the ears. You need to concentrate on pulling the shoulder blades down and also back. Stay in this position for a count. You need to inhale slowly. Lower the cables back and get back to the start position.

You need to do 8 repetitions for a set. Start by doing 3 sets at least.

Seated Cable Y Raise

3. Chin Up

Start by holding a pull up bar. Your palms should hold on to the bar tightly. Palms should be a bit closer than the shoulder width. You need to extend your arms completely, as you keep the arms crossed just behind you. Your knees should be bent and will be making a 90-degree angle. Your torso will be straight in this position, as you slowly create a curvature on the back. Your chest shall be sticking out. You need to slowly exhale and pull up till your head is just above the bar. You will be using the bicep muscles and the middle back to do the workout. As you slowly lift yourself above this bar, your elbows shall be close to the body as much as possible. Stay in this position for 1 count at least. Inhale and slowly lower back. Get back to the start position. Your arms should be extended again. You need to repeat at least five times and for three sets.

Close Grip chin Pull Ups

4. Lat Pulldown Isometric

Start the workout with the right weight on your pulldown machine. You can go through the full range of motion. To do this workout, start by lying down on your back. You will bend your knees and slowly pull your feet close to your butt. Your palms shall be on the floor and just behind the head. You need to slowly push using your arms and legs. Keep your back arched. You can raise your body above the floor, so that it is well supported using your head, feet and hands. You need to slowly tighten the back muscles. Stay in this position for at least 15 seconds. You need to relax and lower down to the floor. Repeat the workout. You need to again work your way up and stay in the position for 30 seconds at  least.

Lat Pulldown Isometric

5. One Arm Dumbbell Row

This exercise works well on the lower trap muscles. Through this workout, the shoulder blades are known to retract completely during the movement. To do this workout, you need to first kneel down on one leg on a bench. Your one arm should be supporting you. Your other foot shall be on the floor. Your other arm shall hold one dumbbell. Let the dumbbell drop slowly towards the floor.

You will feel a good stretch on the back muscles. This stretch helps in getting a complete movement on your trap muscles. You need to pull the dumbbell in, till it is just beside the stomach. Let your elbow go beyond the back. Your shoulder blades should be totally retracted. You need to do this movement at least 8-10 times.

One Arm Dumbbell Rows