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5 Exercises For Recovering From Sore Bicep Muscles For Bodybuilders

Bicep muscles are one of those muscles which are constantly at work and get little or almost inadequate rest. Thus, bicep muscles are prone to maximum injury and soreness, due to prolonged and often repetitive lifting. Bodybuilders who work with weights suffer from sore bicep muscles quite frequently. The muscles get fatigued and are often exhausted due to workout overload. If you suffer from sore bicep muscles on a regular basis, you can try a few individual exercises which can help in recovery. These exercises can also help in easing the pain and help in recovering by cushioning the muscles and tendons. The chances of getting injured again are also reduced.

Here Are 5 Exercises For Recovering From Sore Bicep Muscles For Bodybuilders:

1. Flexion And Extension

Start the exercise by flexing and extending your elbow on the injured side. You will be gently bringing your palm of your hand up and moving towards the shoulder. You must bend your elbow as much as you are able to. You can then again straighten the arm and your elbow. You need to do at least 15 repetitions. Rest for some time and then do another 15 repetitions. If you do not feel comfortable, do not do the second set or you might feel a searing pain once more or your pain might increase.

2. Standing Bicep Stretch

This is one of the most recommended exercises by fitness experts. Start by standing comfortably, as your keep your feet a little distance apart from one another. You will slowly roll your shoulders up and then backward. You will hold your hands just behind your back. Try and straight your arms. As you try to grasp your hand, your palm shall face up or down. This will be able to offer a better stretch for your bicep muscles. If you wish to feel another good stretch, you can get back to the starting normal position. You will try to lift up your hands just above the shoulders.
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Your hands shall be in a perpendicular position to the floor. You will feel a nice stretch in this position. Stay in this position for 10 seconds or up to 30 seconds if you are able to. You can again get back to your normal position. Relax.

3. Bicep Curls

This is a common biceps workout but is also helpful in recovering from soreness in the muscles. You will need a light weight of about 5 pounds. You need to hold on to this weight in your hand. If you do not have a weight, you can hold a soup can or a hammer. Stand straight and keep your elbows comfortably against a side of your body. You can slowly bring your palm close to your shoulders. In this position, you will be bending your elbow but you should be keeping it in the same area. Stop for a few seconds and then get back to your start position. You should ideally do 8-12 repetitions if it doesn’t hurt you. Rest for some time and then complete another set. If you find this workout too much comfortable and no stretch, try and increase the weight.

4. Easy Bicep Stretch – Seated

Sit down on the floor comfortably as you start the workout. Keep your knees bent. Start rolling your shoulder backward and slowly stretch your neck vertically. You will place your hand just behind your back. Keep your fingers pointed away from your hips. Ideally, the distance between your hands and body should be such that you feel a stretch in your hands. This stretch should be maintained for at least 30 seconds. You can again get back to your normal position. You should repeat this workout at least 5 times. You will be able to recover from sore muscles a bit quickly.

5. Reclining External Rotation

Start by lying down. Your injured side will be facing upwards. Now, slowly extend the other arm along the ground. You should rest your head comfortably against it.
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You can now bend your knees for stability and for comfort. Your upper arm shall be rest on a side. Bend your elbow on the injured side to have a 90 degrees. Your palm shall be facing your body. Your lower arm will be facing down and towards the floor.
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Your elbow shall be tucked in. Slowly move the forearm till it is parallel to the floor. You can then lower it back again. Repeat at least 15 times. Take some rest and then do another set. If you have a dumbbell, you can do this workout with it. You can also use a soup can and gradually increase the weight as you get comfortable. This exercise will help in effectively reducing the soreness.
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