5 Exercises For Reducing Tightness And Stiffness Of Trap Muscles

5 Exercises For Reducing Tightness And Stiffness Of Trap Muscles

Trap muscles are often not taken into serious consideration when a workout plan is made for any person. However, tight trap muscles can lead to increased tension and risk of injury. Trap muscles are an important part of the shoulder grid. Healthy trap muscles help in stabilizing the arm and also for comfortable rotation and moving of the shoulder blade. Trap muscles should be flexible so that there is no stiffness and there is continuous circulation in the body.

Here Are 5 Exercises For Reducing Tightness And Stiffness Of Trap Muscles:

1. Trapezius Stretch:

This is a good stretch for the upper trapezius muscles, which helps in relaxing the muscles. You need to stand straight and then cross the right arm just behind the body. You can grasp the right wrist with the help of your left hand. You will slowly pull down your arms and towards the left. Now, slowly till the head towards your left. You will lower your ear just close to the left shoulder.

This will bring in a stretched sensation, in the right of the neck and also in the upper back region. This will help in reducing the tightness and also a stiffness of trap muscles. Hold this stretch position for at least 30 seconds. You can switch your sides which will help in stretching the muscle and reducing the immobility of the muscles.

Trapezius Stretch

2. Ear To Shoulder:

Start the exercise by sitting or comfortably standing as per your comfort level. Slowly and as per your comfort level, you need to slowly move your right ear to the right shoulder. In this position, you will notice that your left shoulder shall lift. You need to slowly ease your head back and move it towards the center, till you are able to relax your left shoulder. You can slowly lift the right hand upwards and move it over the head. You can rest your hand on the left cheekbone. You shouldn’t pull your head at the moment. You will be resting your hand in that position for some additional pressure. This helps in stretching the trap muscles and removes any inflexibility and stiffness. You can breathe for 30 seconds. You can release this side slowly and then ease the left ear. Move towards the left shoulder. You will complete a stretch on your other side. Breathe deeply.

Ear To Shoulder

3. Shoulder Shrugs:

This is an easy exercise and quite suitable for beginners. It helps in releasing any stiffness and tightness of the muscles of the shoulders. Shrugs help in reducing stiffness and reduces immobility in a short time. To do the shoulder shrugs, you need to sit down comfortably or stand, as you keep your back straight. You will slowly lift up your shoulders as much as possible and move them towards your ears. You will be inhaling as you are in this position. Exhale and release your shoulders. Let your shoulders drop. You can repeat this shrug like motion at least 6-7 times. Repeat this several times in the day.

 Shoulder Shrugs:

4. Hex Bar Deadlift:

Stand in a comfortable position as you keep your feet a little distance apart from one another. You will bend your hips back and then lower the hands. Hold on to the handles of the bar in the middle. In this position, your lower back shall be flat.
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In this position, you need to inhale and keep your abs engaged. You will be sticking the chest out and look just in front. You shouldn’t look towards the ground at the moment. You will move your heels on the floor as you start picking up the bar.
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Now, you can stand up comfortably and then squeeze the glutes. This exercise is quite effective as it helps in releasing the tension and stretches out the muscles, which helps in reducing any kind of stiffness and inflexibility.

 Hex Bar Deadlift:

5. Dumbbell Jump Shrug:

This exercise should be ideally included in your training routine as it helps in maintaining flexibility and builds control. Start the workout by holding a pair of dumbbells. You need to bend from your knees and hips. You need to allow the weights hang at the length of your arms and let them be just below the knees.
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Your palm shall face the sides. You shouldn’t be rounding the lower back when you are in this position. At the same time, you should be thrusting the hips in a forward motion, as you do a movement of shrugging your shoulders with great force.

You need to jump high, as much as you can. Ensure that you are landing softly and not hurting yourself. You can then repeat again.

 Dumbbell Jump Shrug: