5 Exercises For Slim Shoulders And Strong Back Muscles For Women

5 Exercises For Slim Shoulders And Strong Back Muscles For Women
Women’s workout is a little different from the schedule of men. Some of the prime areas, which should never be ignored are slimming of shoulders and strong back muscles. Slim shoulders mean better flexibility and strong back muscles help in staying fit and healthy. If back muscles are not well developed or toned, it can lead to immobility and difficulty. Slim shoulders will not just compliment your looks, but they assure you have a healthy body with lesser chances of injuries, aches, and pain in the region. In their busy schedule finding time for workout might seem to be a bit difficult, but it is certainly worth the time spent.

Here Are 5 Exercises For slim Shoulders And Strong Back Muscles For Women:

1. Seated Dumbell Press:

This is for all those women who do not find enough time to workout in the gym. You need to sit down on a chair or a bench and keep the back straight. Hold a weight, which can be a can if you are at home or dumbells, if you are the gym. You will bend your elbows with this weight by the ears. Now, you can lift the arms straight up but ensure that you do not lock the elbow. Repeat the workout at least 8-10 times. This will work out your shoulders and your back muscles at the same time.
 Seated Dumbell Press:

2. Handstand Against Wall:

This exercise will help in building shoulder muscle strength, will help in reducing flab and will add power to your back muscles. You need to begin working out in a baby crawl position. Keep your face away from the wall. You will then climb your feet on the wall, as you put all the weight in your hands. You need to take your feet as high on the wall, as you are able to. You need to get the feeling of a handstand and have some stability. This exercise helps in improving blood circulation and builds strong back muscles. You need to do this workout for at least 10 minutes in a day.
Handstand Against Wall

3. Arm Slides:

This is a simple exercise which works out your arms, shoulders and back muscles at the same time. It is so simple, it can be done by beginners too. You need to start by lying down on your stomach. You will then slowly lift your arms and make a 90-degree angle with them. You need to ensure that the elbows are comfortable and in a line with the shoulders. Stay in this position for at least 2 seconds. You will again stretch your arms forward. You can bring your fingers in a diamond shape and rest just above the head. You need to stay in this position for 2-3 seconds, as per your comfort level. You will again get back to the start position. You can repeat at least 10 times.
 Arm Slides:

4. Dolphin Kick:

If you are into sports and need to improve your performance, Dolphin Kick should be one of those exercises which should be a part of our daily exercise routine. Start by positioning yourself on a bench, as you keep your face down. The crease of your hip should be ideally by the end of bench. Your feet shall be resting on ground. Keep your hands engaged by the side of the bench for support. You need to straighten your legs as you slowly raise them up. Your abdominals and glutes shall be engaged along with your back muscles and shoulders. Toes should be pointed away from the body. Stay in this position for at least 5 seconds as you engage all the muscles in your body. You will then drop the feet just below the bench. You need to contract once again for a few more repetitions. You need to do 2 sets, each of 5 repetitions.
Dolphin Kick:

5. Bent Over Fly:

This is a good exercise for those who do not workout their back or shoulders on a regular basis. Start by holding a two or five pound weight. You need to lean a bit forward and position your feet, hip distance apart. Your knees shall be soft and your arms in a straight position. Your palms shall be facing a little inward. You need to raise your hands by your sides as you squeeze the shoulder blades, when you are on the top motion. Get back to the start position. You need to do 15 repetitions as you start. To make the movement a bit more challenging, you can pause for a few seconds when the arms are in a raised position. At any point, if you feel a pain, you need to discontinue and try the next day.
 Bent Over Fly