5 Exercises For Weak Glute Muscles And Improve Hip Muscle Flexibility

If glute muscles are weak, our hip flexibility might be affected. Glute muscles are specifically important in the case of athletes, which help in improving their hip strength, muscle strength and builds hip flexibility. If the glute muscles are weak, especially in case of athletes, the entire kinetic chain is disrupted. Athletes might face different kinds of injuries as well if the glutes lack flexibility. There are many exercises which help in improving glute muscles and build their flexibility. If you include these workouts at least three times in your daily routine, your muscle flexibility shall improve and your glutes shall be amazingly powered.

Here Are 5 Exercises For Weak Glute Muscles and Improve Hip Muscle Flexibility:

1. Side Lying Leg Lift:

This is an exercise which can be done by beginners as well. Start by lying down in a comfortable position, on your side. Your legs shall be straight and well extended. Keep the lower arm rested well under the head. Your top arm shall be resting on the hip.

You can again lift your top leg a little up, as your hips are kept steady. They will be facing forward. You do not have to rotate your hips backwards. You can slowly lower your hips down and repeat the workout. If you wish to make the exercise a bit more challenging, you can wear ankle weight.

Side Lying Leg Lift

2. Hip Hike:

Start the exercise by standing sideways and on a step. You can also use a box or a bench if there is no step. It shall be at least four inches in height. Your one leg shall be free from the bench.
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Your legs shall be well squared and a bit forward. Your shoulders should be level. You will then keep the standing leg on the bench. Your leg shall be placed straight. You should not be bending your knees in this position.

You will then slowly raise the free hip upwards and then you can drop your leg a little bit. You need to do this movement at least 6-8 times as you start working out.
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Hip Hike

3. Split Squat:

This exercise is quite helpful in improving the length of your hip flexors muscle group. It also helps by providing greater hip mobility. This exercise is a good option for keeping the glute muscles engaged and helps in strengthening them as well.

You will hold a handle of band, which needs to be anchored to a low point with the right hand. You can step back and the remove this slack from band. You will take one large step a bit back using the right leg.
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You will land on the big toe joint in this position.

Stand tall and you can again squeeze the right butt cheek. Your arms shall be straight in this position. You will not lose the butt squeeze by move the right knee a little close to the ground. In this position, you will feel a burning stretch just in front of the right hip as well as the thigh. You will stop just as the right knee gets in contact with ground. Stay in this position for at least 5 seconds. You can get back to the standing position. Repeat at least 10 times. You need to complete at least 2 sets for each leg.

Split Squat

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4. Modified Clamshell:

This exercise can be thrice in a week. You will lie down on the side. Your head shall rest in a comfortable position. Keep your bottom leg straight. Your top hip needs to bent to at least 90 degree. Your top foot shall rest just behind the bottom knee.

Move your hips a bit forward. You can stay in this position for the whole movement. You can again squeeze the glute muscles.

You will move the knees above the ground. Your top foot shall be rested on the bottom knee. You need to ensure that your hips are not rolling back, because they will be trying to roll back. You will have a stretch in the area, where your jeans pockets are. If you feel a good stretch in the area, it means you are doing the workout correctly.

Modified Clamshell

5. Single Leg Deadlift:

Try this exercise everyday because it takes very little time and can be done even when you are in a hurry. You will start by standing on the right leg. Your left leg shall be just behind you and in air. Now, as you keep the shoulders a little back and as your back is straight, you need to hinge a bit forward. You will again reach the hands close to the ground. You can return to the original position and repeat the whole exercise. If you wish to add a bit more of a challenge to this workout, you can hold on to weights or one medicine ball.

Single Leg Deadlift