5 Exercises For Weight Loss From Hips

Exercises For Weight Loss From Hips

If you have ever tried losing weight, you will agree that one of the most problematic areas is the hip and thighs. Its easy to gain fat in such areas and the most difficult to get rid of it. There are some specific exercises which especially target the hip and thigh areas and are quite effective. It needs patience, regular workout and a balanced diet. If you have been trying hard to lose weight from your hips and not able to, try out the following. You will see a difference in your body in a few months.

How To Lose Weight From Hips


One of the proven and time tested ways to lose weight is through regular cycling. Cycling is an intense exercise for the lower body. It works on your abdomen, thighs and hip area, especially the hip bulge which is most difficult to get rid of. You can ride a cycle outside everyday or you can ride a gym bike which offers equal results. Remember you need to keep changing intensities and resistance so that your body does not get used to it.
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The harder you work on your muscles, the more calories you are going to burn.
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Cycling for thirty minutes in a day, in medium to high speed will help you in toning down your lower body.


Side Stretches

Stretching the side muscles help in improving the blood flow around your hip and thighs. This means weight loss from hips. Start the exercise by standing comfortably. You will keep your feet some distance away from each other.
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Your arms will be at the sides. Start bending your right knee and lift your left arm upwards. You will then slide your right hand downwards to your knee. Add some pressure to your right hand and gently lean your body towards the right. You will then press the left hip to a side. You will slowly reach your left arm so that the stretch increase to the left of the torso. You can slowly open the space from your left ribs with some deep inhales. You can stay in this position for at least 30 seconds. You can repeat the stretch on other side.

Side Stretching


One of the most popular exercises that tones the hips and removes fat from the region. Running is especially helpful when you are running on an incline. You can start at a slower pace and slowly increase the intensity or speed. If you are a beginner, start running for two minutes at a stretch with some minutes of breaks in between. You can gradually aim for fifteen minutes run. You can stop and walk or stop and run to bring about variations. Running at least three times in a week for thirty to forty five minutes at a stretch is very effective.


Balancing Squats

Adding some challenge to the regular squat is a good way to bring variation in the regular workout schedule. Start the exercise by standing tall in a comfortable position. Your feet will be some distance apart from one another. You will maintain a neutral spine, keep your chest a bit lifted and slowly lower down to get into a deep squat. You can try and reach the floor with your hands as much as you can. Slowly press up and and move your weight to the right as you slowly bend down with your left knee and move to grab your shin using your left hand. You can count 1 in this position. Slowly release the leg and get back to your starting position. This shall be one in one repeat the exercise. You need to do 20 repetitions in total. Alternate sides every time.



A standard crunch is quite effective for losing fat from the abdomen and hip. Start the exercise by lying down flat on the back.
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Keep your legs a bit bent. Your feet will be on the floor.
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Keep your arms well crossed across your chest comfortably.
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Now, you will start lifting your shoulder blades slowly from the floor and lift up slowly. You will do this as you keep the chin away from chest. This will avoid any kind of stress or strain on your back muscles. Stay in this position for at least three seconds and get back to the start position once you are done. While, you are lifting the shoulders from the floor, you will feel a contraction in your abdominal muscles. This will improve the blood flow in the region and help in slowly removing fat. This will also tone the stomach muscles. Regular practice will not allow fat accumulation in the area.

Bicycle Crunches