5 Exercises For Women Over 60

5 Exercises For Women Over 60

Woman after a certain age give up of doing any kind of physical exercise as they are scared they would injure themselves. But, very few realize that doing exercise is essential as it helps them stay active and healthy and protect them from various age related health issues. There are few exercises which can be done by woman over the age of 60 as well.

Let Us Know Look At What They Are:

Leg Exercise

Stand with your feet apart. One foot should be bent forward and the knee should be brought to kneel down position. The spine should be kept straight. This position should be held till one can feel the pain in the muscle. Repeat this with the other leg.

leg exercise


This exercise is good for strengthening the lower back as well as abdomen. One should sit in a straight backed chair but should not lean to it. Both the hands should be placed on the abdomen and should breathe by pulling the muscles in. This position should be held for about 10 seconds.

Strengthening The Abdomen

Upper Body

The best exercise for the upper body is head roll. This is also the easiest exercise. All you have to do is roll the head from one side to another. Roll the head to one side and hold it for few seconds and repeat it on the other side. This is good for the neck as well as back.

Upper Body exercise


Squats are another easy exercise which can be done by a woman over 60 years of age. If the person is unable to stand without support than she can stand by the wall and do squats.


Full Hip Circle

In this exercise one should stand with feet apart and do a hip circle, first to the right side and then on the other side. Repeat this at least 15 times. Avoid this if you have back pain.

Full Hip Circle

These are simple exercises which a woman over 60 years of age can easily do. It would not cause any injuries as one can take support of the wall. Go ahead and do these exercises for at least 15 minutes each day and stay healthy and active.