5 Exercises That Help You Gain Weight Quickly

 Gain Weight Quickly

Gaining weight requires as much as effort as losing weight does!! Skinny personality looks unattractive and fails to get desired attention from anyone. Desire for a lean and well-toned body is the desire of everyone. To get an amazing look with fat at right places can be achieved with exercises, proper diet and disciplined approach.
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In this article we will be focussing on some of the exercise that would help you get the body you have always been craving.

5 Exercises That Help You Gain Weight Quickly:


Squats are the best exercise for legs. If your legs are thin then this exercise will strengthen the muscles of thighs, hip region and legs and make them strong. Focus on exercises that engage lots of muscles at once, rather than specific muscle groups. Your legs will become muscular, lean and dense.



Deadlifts is a good exercise for the upper region of the body. It works on shoulders, arms, back, abdominal muscles and diaphragm. So if you have a thin and weak upper body then try this exercise to get a stronger and healthy. If you can easily lift the weight up to 10 counts then increase the weight and do it for next five counts.


Keep increasing the weights at regular intervals of time helps in gaining strength and weight. Doing on the same weight will make the body used to that weight and you would not see any results after a certain point.

Push Ups

Push ups is good exercise which makes your triceps muscles strong and help you gain weight. Start with little warm up that helps to increase the blood circulation to cold and tight muscles and make you ready for intense exercises.
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Do push-ups alternatively and try to increase the number of push-ups you perform at regular intervals of time.

Overhead Press

Overhead press targets your chest and arm muscles. If you have a bulky chest then this exercise gives you a perfect shape to your chest by removing excess of fat from this region. If you are thin then doing this exercise makes the muscles of this area strong and dense. This exercise also helps in increasing body weight with the increase of muscular mass.

Overhead Press

Row Press

Row press is again an important exercise performed by both men and women to gain weight in the form of gaining muscle density. Perform this exercise with different variation, position and grip to engage different groups of muscles.

Row Press

To get the best results along with exercises, one need to consume a diet rich in sufficient quantities of Carbohydrates, Fats, Vitamins, Fibre and Protein to help your muscle get formed and repaired. These exercises need to be performed three to five days a week depending on your strength. Start with fewer sets which you can increase gradually with time. You would start noticing visible results in four weeks.