5 Exercises To Build and Improve Endurance

Stamina and endurance is the ability of the body to withstand fatigue, feel energetic and resist diseases and injury. Improving endurance means the ability of body to sustain energy sapping activities for a long time. There are many exercises which help in building and improving endurance levels. The best way by which you can enhance your endurance is by challenging muscles and stamina levels.
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Try out the easy exercises to build and improve endurance levels.

Best Ways To Improve Endurance

1. Circuits

This training is about 12 stations which include strength training and cardiovascular exercises. Circuits are effective as the body does not get time to rest, though different muscle groups do get rest. These exercises help in challenging strength along with aerobic and anaerobic endurance level. This is the best combination which improves stamina.
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You need to give yourself a break of 20 seconds between two exercises.
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As you find your stamina increasing, you need to keep increasing your work time.


2. Weight Training

Weight training is a crucial part of fitness programme. This is a type of training that helps in developing skeletal and strength muscles. Weight training helps in using weight force of the gravity with accessories like weight stacks, weighted bars and dumbbells to oppose all force which is generated by different muscles with eccentric or concentric contraction. Weight training involves use of specific muscles that helps in building endurance and stamina levels.

Weight Training

3. Jogging

Jogging at a comfortable or slow pace helps in building fitness and improves endurance. Jogging also helps in losing fat and burning fat. Regular jogging helps in strengthening muscles and builds bone health. Jogging is a form of exercise which helps in improving cardio muscular fitness.
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4. Swimming

Swimming is one of the best ways to improve endurance. It offers 14% resistance when compared to air. It helps in toning muscles without use of weight. Swimming helps in building flexibility, energy and stamina. It helps to workout the neck muscles, hips and shoulder muscles. Since it involves resistance against water, swimming helps the muscles work harder. It helps in weight loss.


5. Bicycle Crunches

Bicycle crunches are done by standing with hips a bit wide apart, while hands are placed just behind the head. The core section is tight, the back is straight and shoulders relaxed. Right leg is raised with right knee and left elbow is lowered towards each other. You can get back to your original position when done. Repeating this crunch at least 10 times helps in building endurance.
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Bicycle Crunches