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5 Exercises To Build Speed And Agility For Sports Improvement

Exercises which are designed to build agility and speed help in working out the leg as well as core muscles. As you are training, you need to aim at the right intensity of workouts which will help in increasing your performance.
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Your workout shall also help in minimizing your injury scope.
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These exercises help in building agility and strength which work together to help in improving sports performance. These exercises help in improving agility and speed at the same time.

Here Are 5 Exercises To Build Agility and Speed:

1. Ladder Drills

You will need an agility ladder for this workout. Begin with one high knee march forward and through each box. You can then move to a lateral scissor as you get comfortable. To work out the upper body, you can move with the support of your hands as you maintain a push-up position. Once you get comfortable, you need to increase the speed. This exercise might appear to be simple, but it shall increase your heart rate and improve your general body movement, speed and agility.

2. Quadriceps Stretch

This is an effective exercise which helps in stretching the quads muscles. It building flexibility which enhances speed in athletes. Stand, as you keep your feet at least hip width apart. You can bend your left leg from your knees. Pull up your heel to the glutes. You need to hold on to the front of the left ankle and ensure that your shoulders are retracted. Keep your chest wide. You can repeat on your other side.

3. Reaction Ball Exercise

If you are a runner or a sportsperson, reaction ball should be a part of your exercise routine. This is a 6 sided ball which can bounce in different unpredictable direction. It helps in improving hand and feet quickness.
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You can catch and drop the ball. To start, you just need to drop this reaction ball from your waist height. You can allow it to bounce at least once and then catch it again. You can slowly increase the height of this ball as you are able to improve. Ball tossing is another interesting way to use the reaction ball.
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You just need to through the ball up and let it bounce once and then attempt to catch it.
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This is an excellent exercise to improve hand and mind coordination, much needed for sports performance.

4. Hurdle Drill

You need to create hurdles for this workout. These can be yoga blocks or cones or anything you have. Set at least 10 hurdles in one row and keep them parallel to one another. You need to move parallelly and move ahead from one hurdle to another. You can go over this first hurdle with one high step. You can pause for a second and get back to the original position. Again move ahead over the first two hurdles. You can pause and get back to the starting position. Keep doing this till you have traveled all five hurdles. Keep counting your hurdles and do not forget to pause for a second before you get back to the beginning.

5. Hip Rotations

This is an easy exercise which helps in improving hip flexibility. Stand as you keep your feet hip width apart. You can rotate your right leg forward and in a circular motion. You can again rotate backward and then repeat on the other side. This is a great exercise which works out all your hip muscles at ones and builds flexibility and speed.


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