5 Exercises To Do In Sickness

Exercises To Do In Sickness

Exercising during sickness might seem to be impossible and something which is going to affect your health adversely. But, there are some exercises which are less strenuous and can help in improving your endurance and strengthen your muscles too. However, before the start of any exercise, you need to get in touch with your Doctor and seek his advice. Here are some light exercise options, which you can try out to feel better. However, remember you should never force yourself.

Light Exercises You Can Do In Sickness


Light hand and leg stretches can be done from the bed too. Stretches help in loosening the body and help in blood flow to the muscles. It is also a good way to get relief from stress and tension which is common during sickness.

Lunge Stretching And Pulsing

Light Walk

You will obviously not go for a walk outdoors or on the treadmill. You can walk around your house or in the corridors of the hospital. Those suffering from clots and stiffness can benefit as it helps in improving blood circulation.


Feet Tapping

A great way to improve your blood circulation, if you do not have the energy to walk around. You can sit at the edge of your bed or your chair and allow your feet touch the floor. You will then gently tap the feet against the ground. You can do this at least 30 times or as many times as you can. You will soon feel a rush of circulation in your feet and legs.

Feet Tapping

Thigh Muscle Strengthening

You can lie down for this exercise. Gently raise your leg and move it up as far as you can. You will keep your legs straight and hold on to this position for at least 5 seconds or 6-7 breaths. However, do not exert yourself if you find this posture difficult. You should repeat this with your other leg.
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If you are comfortable you can increase the frequency too.

Makes Your Thighs Really Strong

Arm Exercise

A good exercise to maintain arm flexibility and help in blood circulation. You can sit at the edge of your chair and lock fingers as if you are praying. You will turn the palm outwards.
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Slowly stretch the arms towards your shoulders and hold on to this position for at least 10 seconds. You can do this move at least 15 times, if it does not hurt you.
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Arm Exercise