5 Exercises To Increase Female Stamina And Endurance

Women need to build their stamina and endurance, equally just like men. The right kind of workouts help in building endurance and power. These workouts help in building strong muscles and also a healthy weight. Women bodybuilders and sportsperson need to focus specially on exercises which help in maintaining strong muscles, build stamina and ensure optimum circulation. If these workouts are done on a regular basis, women can actually improve on their endurance and stamina, helping to extend to lifespan and preventing a few specific chronic life conditions.

Here Are 5 Exercises To Increase Female Stamina And Endurance:

1. Pushup On Ball:

This is an easy exercise which can be done by beginners too. It is quite effective and helps in stabilizing the muscles, builds strength and improves endurance. You need to use a stability ball for the exercise. Start the workout in a pushup position. You need to start with your hands just below the shoulders. Your feet shall be on ball. Slowly exhale as you bend the elbows. You will also lower the chest towards the floor. Inhale slowly and raise the chest and get back to the start position. You need to repeat at least 15 times.

Pushup On Ball

2. Deadlifts:

Deadlifts are a common exercise which help in building muscle strength, equilibrium of the body and stabilizing the muscles. If women are able to perform the deadlifts quite effectively, they can easily build their stamina. Start the workout, as you stand comfortably with the feet a little distance apart from one another. You can grab the barbell, as your back remains straight. You need to hold on to the barbells at the height of your hips. You can bend your knees a bit as you lower the bar till it reaches the shin. Do not move this bar. You can keep this over the mid foot. Your back needs to be remain straight. Throughout the workout, you should not squeeze the shoulder blades or even drop the hips. You need to hold on for some seconds. Now, slowly pull back and pull the bar to the starting hip height. You need to repeat at least 15 times.


3. Plank Row:

This is an effective workout for women, quite helpful in improving stability, balance, endurance and sports performance. You need to start the workout in a convenient pushup position. You will have a weight in a hand. This should be at least shoulder distance apart. Now, do not move your hips but contract your core and slowly lift a weight from the floor. You will be moving your elbow close towards the ceiling. Now, you need to slowly return this weight close to the floor, while you are in the plank position. You need to repeat this movement with your other arm. This shall be one repetition. You need to do 15 such repetitions.

Plank Row

4. Bent Over Row:

This is a wonderful exercise which helps to workout several muscle groups and builds stamina and endurance in women. It helps women to remain stable, perform several hours without getting tired and helps in keeping circulation healthy. The workout needs to be started by holding the dumbbells or the barbell at the height of the hips. You will be bending your knees a bit. Your back shall be straight. You will move your torso a bit forward so that your back is completely parallel to ground. Now, slowly, lift the dumbbells close to you. You need to ensure that your back is completely stable and not moving. Now, start to move your elbows close towards the body. You will ensure that you are pulling the weights to the forearm strength. Now, slowly squeeze the back muscles when you are in this position. Stay in this position for a few seconds and then get back to the start position. You can repeat this workout at least 15 times.

Bent Over Row

5. Running:

This is a common, easy and the best way to build stamina and endurance. You can choose to run outdoor or on the treadmill as per your convenience. Start by warming up for five minutes. As you start, begin in a slow rate and then increase your pace after two minutes. You can go slow again for three minutes and then increase your pace. You can also walk briskly for sometime and then walk slowly again. If you keep changing your pace time and again, your body gets startled and is not used to the movement. Your heart pumps at a much faster rate which helps in building your stamina. Ensure that you are wearing the right running shoes as you are starting, so that you do not injure or hurt yourself.


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