5 Exercises To Lose Fat From Hips And Thighs

5 Exercises To Lose Fat From Hips And Thighs

Losing fat from the hips (especially love handles) and thighs are most difficult. Losing weight from hips and thighs is possible with right exercises, a balanced diet and regular workout. Here are some such exercises which will help you to get rid of your love handles and thunder thighs. You need to be consistent and exercise in the proper way. Here are some exercises which focus on weight loss from your thighs and hip areas.

Simple Exercises For Hip Fat And Thighs:

1. Climbing Stairs

Climbing Stairs

You need not visit the gym for this workout! Simply take the stairs whenever you get the opportunity – do not take the elevator, no matter how tired you are and how tempting it appears to be. If it is your office, ensure you are climbing stairs at least thrice in a day. It will increase your metabolic rate and help your thigh muscles to work hard. While climbing stairs, lean a bit forward from your hips as you keep your back straight.

2. Side Kick While Standing

Side Kick While Standing

An effective workout which targets your outer thighs, glutes, inner thighs and outer hips! Start by standing with your feet, hip width apart. Keep your hands on your hips and slowly extend your right leg towards the hip side. Count 5 slowly. Your inner thigh should be parallel to the floor while you are doing the step for best results.
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Hold for 2 counts and take three counts as you slowly lower to ground.

This should be done at least 15 times before you change the sides. If any kind of pain is experienced, you should stop immediately and get in touch with your Doctor immediately.

3. Jogging


For those who are not happy running on the treadmill for long, jogging can be a good way to reduce thigh and hips fat. Jogging is good for your whole body along with burning fat as well as calories from the specific areas. The best time for jogging is early morning since there is plenty of oxygen in air which helps in burning more calories. Jogging for 20 minutes in a day at medium pace is quite effective and will help in reduce all extra fat from your body.
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4. Side Jump

Side Jump

Side jumps target fatty outer hips, hamstrings, inner thighs and glutes, quite effectively if done in the correct way and on a regular basis. Consistency is the key element here. Star by stands with your hands on the hips.
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You can hop at least 2 feet to your left, as you landing on your left foot.
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Your knees will be slightly bent. You can touch the right floor to the ground now. Repeat with other leg! This should be done 15 times for each leg.

5. Hip Raise

Hip raises are quite common and help in reducing flab from glutes, outer thighs and also hip flexors. You can lie faceup with your knees slightly bent. Your feet can be flat on the floor. Now, start by raising your hips slowly and extending left leg. Your toes should be pointed towards the wall, just in front of you. Hold for two counts and then again move your left leg to your left side.

Hip Raise

This can be at an angle of 90 degrees. You can hold for a count and then get back to the center before you start lowering again. Do this 10 times at least and then switch sides.These easy exercises are designed to help you get leaner thighs and reduce that extra fat from your hip area.