5 Exercises To Reduce Tight Adductor Muscles And Improve Flexibility

Adductor muscles are the important muscles of the lower body, which help in building mobility, flexibility, and strength. If you do not workout in the right way, you might suffer from tight adductor muscles, which means your body will lack the required flexibility. This is especially a difficult situation for athletes and sports people who need a great deal of flexibility. There are many exercises which help in reducing the tightness of the adductor muscles, help in having the muscles toned and build inner strength. You can include all or any one of these exercises in your weekly schedule, as per your requirements.

Here Are 5 Exercises To Reduce Tight Adductor Muscles And Improve Flexibility:

1. The Lean:

This is an easy exercise which works well on the inner thigh muscles. It helps in building flexibility and mobility of the individual by toning the muscles well. To do this, you will start by keeping your feet at least shoulder distance apart. Your arms shall be by the sides. You will then take one step diagonally and a little back with the right foot. You need to again bend sideways from your waist and move towards the side.

This movement shall be to your right, where the right leg is stretched out. You should be able to reach the right arm up and your left arm down. Move towards the right calf. You will again get back to the start position and complete one repetition. You need to repeat at least 10 times and then you can switch sides.

The Lean

2. Lying Leg Extension:

This is one workout which you can do while you lie down. It is easy and can be done by beginners as well. This exercise helps in improving circulation and stretches the adductor muscles. Start the workout by lying down on the back. You will lift your leg and move it close to the chest. You will also place your hands just behind the knees. Now slowly pull the leg close to your chest.

Hold on to this stretched position for at least two seconds. You can return your leg back to the floor. One stretch shall be counted as one repetition. You need to repeat at least 10 times.

Lying Leg Extension

3. Hamstring Stretch:

This is a good exercise which targets the hamstrings muscles. You will start by placing one folded towel just behind the head. You will lie with your faceup on the floor. Keep your legs extended. Your feet shall be flexed. You need to bend the right knee towards your chest. Keep your fingers interlaced just behind the hamstrings. Keep your fingers close to the groin. You can gaze towards the chest. Your chin shall be down and your neck long.

Now, you need to tighten your muscles of the pelvic floor. Keep your leg extended as you slowly push through heels and as you contract your quads. You can get back to the start position and repeat. You need to repeat this movement as you turn your thighs a bit outwards. Keep your heel pointed inwards for at least five repetitions. You can relax and repeat the movement. Keep switching your legs and repeat at least 15 times.

Hamstring Stretch

4. Lower Leg Raise:

This exercise needs to be done as you are standing tall. You will have to stretch the front muscles of the thighs. You need to have your hands on a chair or a table for additional support. You will again move the sore leg a bit back from your other leg. You need to then bend your knee and slowly lift the back foot from the floor. You will be able to get a stretch just in front of thighs. Stay in this position for at least two seconds and get back to the start position. You will lift a single leg as one repetition. You need to repeat at least 10 times.

Lower Leg Raise

5. Low Lunge Hover:

Stand in a comfortable position as you keep your feet hip-distance apart. You will then step your right foot a bit back.
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You will get in a lunge position with your left knee just above the ankle. Now, slowly move your arms just over the head. You will then hinge a bit forward from your waist. You can lower your chest a little forward and move towards the thighs. Your arms shall be reaching forward in this position. You need to lift the right leg as you will straighten your left. Stay in this position for at least three breaths and then get back to the start lunge position.

You need to repeat this movement at least 12-15 times as you start the workout.

Low Lunge Hover