5 Exercises To Strengthen Abdominal Wall Muscles For Bodybuilders

Strengthening abdominal wall muscles is extremely important as it helps in improving circulation and building power. If you are a sportsperson and looking for fitness and health, you need to strengthen the inner abdominal muscles. These also help in building overall stability and flexibility.

When the abdominal wall muscles are strengthened, it implies you have toned muscles and flat abs. Include these effective abdominal wall muscles exercises in your daily routine and strengthen your muscles.

Here Are 5 Exercises To Strengthen Abdominal Wall Muscles For Bodybuilders:

1. Plank Holds:

Start with your toes and forearms. You need to keep your core muscles engaged. Slowly start imagining, as you are pulling your zipper up close to the ribcage. This will help in preventing lumbar extension. This movement shall also help in utilizing your obliques and the rest of the core muscles. In this position, you need to focus on pushing slowly the ground away by using your elbows. You will do this, as you have your upper back flat. Stay in this position for at least 30 seconds. You can stay in this position as much as you want. Stay from your heels to the head all the while, as you keep your hips away from sagging.

2. Sliding Pike:

This is an easy exercise which can be done by beginners too. You need to begin this workout in a plank position. You will be on the floor. Your hands shall be just under the shoulders. You will have a towel under your feet.

Now, as you keep your legs straight, you will slowly raise your hips and move your legs towards your hands. You need to get in a pike position. In this position, you will be able to slide your feet comfortably. Stay in this position for a count and then get back to the starting position. You need to repeat at least 10 times.

3. Ab Wheel Rollout:

This is a unique exercise which works not just on abdominal strength building but also helps in keeping your spine and hips strong. Your body gets a neutral alignment as it moves. This is extremely beneficial for bodybuilders as they get to stabilize during the movement. Start from the knees. You will need to hold on the hands of ab wheel. Your core shall be engaged as you slowly pull your zipper up towards your ribs. Now, in this position, you will be rolling the wheel away from the body.

Thus, your body will now allow the hips to move. You will be able to maintain a strong straight line from knees to the shoulders. You need to focus on squeezing the glutes. This shall help in solidifying your neutral position. You shouldn’t let the lower back to arch or your hips to sag close to the ground. You will then reverse your direction and then get yourself back to the start position.

4. Oblique Reach:

This is a good exercise when you are in hurry and need to quickly complete your workout. This exercise will help in strengthing the inner abdominal wall, build flexibility and improve your circulation like never before. This will also help in reducing the risks of injuries. To start the workout start by sitting down comfortably as you keep your knees bent.

Your feet shall be on the floor. You need to slowly straighten your right leg. You will then roll your spine and get into a C-curve position. Your left hand should be placed behind the head. Your right arm shall be extended.

You need to twist the body to your lift and roll a little bit. You need to count one and then come up. You will slowly repeat at least five times and then switch sides.

5. Side Crunch:

This exercise appears to be quite tough but it is actually quite effective in testing your balance, as you are able to workout your inner abdominal wall muscles. Start the workout by kneeling down on the floor. You need to lean comfortably to the right side. You will also place the right palm on the ground. As you keep your weight balanced, you need to slowly extend the left leg and keep your toes pointed.

Your left leg will be lifted close to your hip height. You will be extending the arm just above the leg. In this position, your palm shall face forward. Look out as you bring the left side of your rib cage close to your hips. You will then again lower and get back to the start position. You need to repeat at least 6-8 times. You need to do two sets. Each set shall be of 6-8 repetitions.


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