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5 Exercises To Strengthen Adductor Longus Muscles

Thigh muscles play an important role in building our overall fitness and strength. There are three major muscles in this area which are known as adductors. Adductor Longus muscles need regular strengthening and conditioning so that they ensure improved mobility and great levels of fitness for the individual.

It is important to add power and strength to these muscles for your overall flexibility and fitness. Runners and sportsperson need to regularly workout these muscles for building their strength and adding power. If the muscles lack strength and power, you might lose your general fitness and strength.

Here Are 5  Exercises To Strengthen Adductor Longus Muscles:

1. Cable Hip Adduction:

This is a powerful workout which builds strength and stamina for your muscles. Your thighs get the much-needed workout and balance. You will attach a strap to a cable pulley machine. You can wrap it just around the leg. You will stand in a comfortable position as your feet is positioned shoulder distance apart.

Your left hand should be placed on a strong object for additional support. Slowly move your right leg from the ground. Move it away from the body and stop just before the hip rises. You need to adjust the lifting motion. You need to keep the leg straight. You can also bring your leg down and across the left leg. Keep your foot up from the floor. You need to repeat at least 10 times. Now, switch sides and you can repeat the workout using your left leg.

2. Side Lying Adduction:

This workout helps to strengthen the muscles and build flexibility. You will cross a leg at a time just in front of the other leg. Lie down comfortably on the left side. You will rest on the left elbow. Your left foot shall be just in front of the right foot and on the ground. You need to hold on to an end of barbell just in front. You will lie down comfortably on the other end and just across the out of the left foot. You will lift the left leg at least 6 inches from the floor. You will be raising the barbell simultaneously. You can again lower the leg and repeat the movement. You can also wear the ankle weights for resistance, in case you do not have the barbells.

3. Groin Stretch Standing:

When you do this workout, it helps in strengthening the hip adductor muscles. You will be placing one hip at a time in a deep abduction position. Your legs shall be extended in a sideways position and this shall be a little away from the center of the body. You will stand in a comfortable position, as your feet are spread out much wider than the shoulder length. You can again flex the knees and then lean a bit forward from the waist. You will be placing the hands on your thighs. You can again flex the left knee a little further. Move your torso in the same way as you straighten the right leg. You can stop for a while as you feel a good stretch in the inner thigh.

Hold on this position for at least 30 seconds. You can do a stretch for the left leg as well.

4. Lateral Shuffle:

This exercise is quite popular among the sportsperson. It helps in maintaining agility and flexibility of the inner thigh muscles. This exercise also works to challenge the cardiovascular capacity. You can do this workout with the help of a cloth ladder. It helps in maintaining your focus as well. You need to stand as you keep your feet at least shoulder distance apart.

Your hips and knees shall be a bit bent. You can lean a bit forward and keep the back straight. You can step out a bit using the left leg. You can again bring the right leg close to it as you get back to the start position. You need to pick your pace and move from an end of the room to another. Your knees shall be bent throughout as you workout the thigh muscles.

5. Sitting Stretch:

This movement helps in stretching both sides of your thigh muscles together. You can sit comfortably as you keep your legs straightened out, just in front. Keep your back straight. You need to slowly move your legs apart as much as they go. Hold on to this position for some seconds. As you exhale you will be bending forward from your hips. You will need more resistance. As you slowly exhale, you need to bend forward from your hips till you are able to feel more resistance. Your chest shall be maintained up. Stay in this position for at least 30 seconds and get back to the start position.


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