5 Exercises To Strengthen And Power Gluteus Minimus Muscles

5 Exercises To Strengthen And Power Gluteus Minimus Muscles

G-min or the gluteus minimus is an important muscle of the body which lies just in front of the ilium muscles. These are powerful muscles which help in stabilizing the leg muscles and add power and strength to them. Athletes and sportsperson need to especially improve these muscles for better flexibility. Tight gluteus minimus can reduce your endurance level, lower your body flexibility and can also lead to injuries during workout sessions. Including some specific exercises in your daily routine or in your weekly schedule is known to be very helpful in tackling the problem.

Here Are 6 Exercises To Strengthen And Power Gluteus Minimus Muscles:

1. Side Plank

This is an amazing workout which effectively strengthens the gluteus minimus muscles. It improves flexibility and adds power and strength. Start by lying down on the left side. Keep your legs stretched out. You will then stack the legs so that the right leg is just on top of left leg. Your ankles and knees will be touching. Your upper body shall be supported by the left forearm. Your left elbow shall be just under the shoulders. The left leg and your hips shall be touching the ground. Now, you need to nicely squeeze the abdominal muscles as you will breathe out. Your knees and hips shall be moved up from the floor. Your body shall be straight and rigid. You need to breathe in and then get your body back towards the floor. Repeat at least 5 times and then on the other side.

Side Plank

2. Crossover Lunges

This is a little variation of the traditional lunge workout. It involves the gluteus minimus muscles in a better way. Start in a standing position. You will be crossing one leg over your another leg. Keep your foot on the floor. Now, slowly move your hips backward and again bend the knees. This will help you get back in a lunge position. With your next movement, you will be coming out of this lunge position.

You will then get back your crossed leg to the position it started. As you repeat, you shall cross over using the opposite foot. If you wish to increase the intensity of the workout, you can hold dumbbells in your hands. Repeat this movement at least 8 -10 times as you start working out.

Crossover Lunges

3. Hip Abduction

You will need a resistance band for this exercise which helps in strengthening the gluteus minimus muscles. You need to attach one band to a door. It can be attached to the wall mount too. Loop this band just around the right ankle. Stand in a perpendicular position to the door. Your left shoulder shall be pointed to the wall.

The resistant band shall be crossing just in front of the left shin. Stand straight with your right foot is moved a bit forward towards the left foot. You will be squeezing the abdominal muscles. Stand straight in this position. You will slowly move the right foot from the floor. You will again move the right leg sideways. You will move it as much as you can. It shall be positioned at a 45-degree angle. Try to hold on the chair and balance as much as you can.

You can get back your right leg to the start position. You will repeat at least 5 times for each leg.

Hip Abduction

4. Gluteal Stretch

This is an effective stretch for the muscles which reduces tightness and also risks associated with injuries. You will lie down on your stomach. Your upper body shall be supported with the help of the hands. Now, you will place the hands comfortably on the floor. They should be just under the shoulders. You can stretch out your legs just behind the body. Now, slowly bend the left knee and then rotate your hips. In this position, your leg shall be just below the torso. Your knees shall be bent and positioned just under the left armpit. Now, you will bend a bit forward and again slowly deepen this stretch.

You need to stay in this position for at least 30 seconds. You can again get back to the start position. You will repeat the exercise using your other leg.

Gluteal Stretch

5. Inverted Flying

This exercise will not just strengthen the specific muscles but is also effective in stabilizing the muscles. For this workout, you will be standing on a leg as your knee is bent and your foot lifted just behind you. Your leg shall be straight as you move forward from the waist. Your free leg shall be moved backward. You can again get back to the standing position. You need to do this movement at least 6-8 times. It is very effective in reducing tightness of the muscles and helps in improving circulation.


 Inverted Flying