5 Exercises To Strengthen Annular Muscles

The exercises which relax and strengthen the annular or sphincter muscles are extremely beneficial for several problems and issues regarding the bowel and digestive problems. There are people who lose their control over their bowel and excretion processes. It becomes very important to control the bowel moments for proper excretion. People with several disorders and complications are not able to control these moments which creates very discomforting and embarrassing situation and thus the proper control over the bowel movement and processes is needed. These exercises would help you to gain more power of your anal area, bowel movements and the excretion and urination. Follow these workouts to get better control over your internal processes which would save you from all the embarrassments.
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Exercises To Strengthen Annular Muscles

1. Kegel Excercises

For performing this exercise, lie down or sit in a comfortable and easy position. Loosen your entire body and focus on your sphincter muscles. Stretch the muscles inwards as if you are stopping the air flow or anything to pass by. Hold on this position and relax the sphincter muscles. Repeat the exercises for few sessions and gradually you will start developing control over your bowel and urination processes.

Kegel Excercises

2. Bridges

During the bridges, your pelvic and sphincter muscles gets pressurised and tighten. You need to completely focus on your pelvic and sphincter muscles while performing these exercises. Bridges require you to raise your lower body in the direction of the ceiling which would affect the sphincter muscles. To perform this workout, sleep in a normal position with the knees bent. Now raise your body just like a bridge while focusing on your sphincter muscles. Perform 10-15 repetitions and you will get stronger and flexible sphincter muscles soon.


3. Jumping Jacks

The jumping jacks provide amazing pressure on your sphincter muscles which would be able to make them more flexible and strong. Your lower body hips and legs widen up, your sphincter muscles are too affected by this workout. This would allow in helping the sphincter muscles to strengthen and tighten. Stand while both the legs joint together and hands stretched downwards. Now while jumping open up both your legs and place them apart. Perform 0-20 repetitions a day for best results and stunning strong sphincter muscles.

Jumping Jacks

4. Crunches

Crunches too are amazing for abs and it also works great on the sphincter muscles. While you perform the crunches, high pressure would be felt on your sphincter muscles which results into stronger and more flexible muscles. For crunches, sleep in a position with knees bent. Now keep your hands behind your head and perform the crunches while focusing more on the sphincter muscles. This amazing workout would help you to develop more stronger and flexible sphincter muscles through which you would be able to control your bowel movements.


5. Pelvic Hip Thrusts With Leg Lift

This is an amazing variation of the pelvic thrusts which would work wonders on your pelvic and sphincter muscles. A single leg lift focuses on the lower body and the pelvic muscles which would provide you effective results in no time. For performing this exercise, lie down and get into the bridge position. Now leg you left leg straight in the ceiling direction.
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Hold on this position and then relax. Perform this workout for several sessions for both legs. This workout would help in strengthening your lower body along with the pelvis and sphincter muscles while providing you healthy, fit and flexible muscles.
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Pelvic Hip Thrusts With Leg Lift