5 Exercises To Strengthen Sphincter Muscles

 Exercises To Strengthen Sphincter Muscles

Bodybuilders need to strengthen all muscles throughout the body. One of those muscles which are missed are the sphincter muscles. These are generally found in the pelvic area and are described as a circular muscle. These muscles need to exercises regularly, as it helps in building a strong pelvic floor. It is helpful in reducing muscle strain and injury too during sports performance and during workout sessions. Bodybuilders and sportsmen alike need to exercise these muscles for building strength and stamina.

Here Are 5 Exercises Which Strengthen Sphincter Muscles

1. Dead Bug Crunch

Start by lying down on your back. Now, move your arms straight and extended towards the ceiling. As you slowly inhale, you can keep the pelvic floor engaged. Now, extend the right arm just beyond the head. Move your right leg a bit forward. You can then release the pelvic floor muscles and move your legs and arm a bit back and get back to the starting position.
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You can repeat the exercise with your left leg and arm. You need to repeat at least ten times on each side.


2. Roll Up

Start the exercise by lying down on your back. Be in a comfortable position. You need to keep your arms stretched and extend the legs so that you make a straight line. Slowly inhale and get your arms back to overhead. You can then start curling the upper body from the floor. Now slowly exhale and when you are halfway up, you can continue rolling forward. Reach out to your toes. You need to inhale and then reverse your movement, as you exhale as you go down. You can get back to the starting position and repeat. Do the exercise for 10 times at least.


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3. Bridge

Lie down on the back in a comfortable position. Keep your feet and knees bent on the floor. Your knees shall be at least hip distance apart. As you inhale, you need to keep your pelvic floor muscles engaged. Now, lift up your hips and stay in this position for at least 10 seconds.
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You should not stop breathing at any time during the exercise. Now, you can slowly lower the hip muscles down and then release them to the pelvic floor. You can repeat at least 10 times.


4. Jumping Jack

This is a simple and easy exercise which works on the sphincter muscles and works them out effectively. Stand as you keep your legs together. Now, jump your legs apart as you keep your pelvic floor muscles engaged. You can keep your arms overhead at this time. Release the pelvic floor muscles, as you hop back and get your legs together back. You need to repeat the exercise for at least one minute and then take a break.

Repeat and do for ten minutes at least.

Jumping Jack

5. Rolling Plank

This is the perfect exercise to improve the strength of your sphincter muscles and stabilize your lower abs. You need to start the exercise in a plank position. Your body shall form a straight line from the shoulders and the ankles. Now, you need to start rotating the left side and get into a side plank position. Stay in this position for at least 10 seconds. You will then again rotate and get into a right side plank position. Stay in this position for next 10 seconds. This shall be one repetition. You can get back to the plank position and repeat the workout again.

Rolling Plank