5 Exercises To Stretch And Build Flexibility Of Gracilis Muscles For Women

5 Exercises To Stretch And Build Flexibility Of Gracilis Muscles For Women
Gracilis is an important set of muscles of the upper inner thigh region. This is a vital muscle of the hip adductor group and just as in case of all other muscles, this too need regular toning and working out. Women need to specifically consider this group of muscles to build flexibility and tone the muscles. There are several specific workouts which help in stretching these muscles with specific movements. These exercises are quite important for sportsperson too, which helps in improving their performance.

Here Are 5 Exercises To Stretch And Build Flexibility Of Gracilis Muscles For Women:

1. Resistance Band

You need a good resistance band for this stretching workout which improves flexibility in an amazing way. You need to attach a band to a secure object.

You will then secure it to the ankle which is close to anchor point. You need to slowly move your ankle just in front of the far leg. You can again move it back so that one repetition is well completed. If you wish to make this more challenging, you can stand just in front of inflated hemisphere. You can also wrap up a circular band just around the ankles.

You will then move up your one ankle and then move it just across the other leg. It needs to go a certain distance so that it gets the resistance of the band.
Resistance Band

2. Side Lying Hip Adduction

This exercise is just perfect to strengthen and build flexibility of the gracilis muscles. Start by lying down in a comfortable position, on your right side.

The surface should be quite firm. You will then slowly bend the left leg. Your left foot shall be on ground and just in front of the right knee. Your right leg shall be straight as you slowly tighten the muscles of inner thigh. You can again raise the leg and move it close to the ceiling. Your leg shall move at least ten inches above the ground. You need to hold on this position for at least 10 seconds. You can again lower back. Repeat at least 10 times. You need to work on 3 sets. You will again lie down on your left side.
Side Lying Hip Adduction

3. Over The Hurdle

This is said to be quite a dynamic exercise for women which builds their flexibility and tones the specific muscles. Start by standing upright. Your feet shall be at least six inches apart from one another. Keep the toes pointed forward. Your hands shall be together and just behind the back. You will again move up your left foot. Bring your knees close to the chest. You will then move the knees a bit sideways. Your thighs shall be parallel to the floor. Your torso will be tilting just in the opposite direction. Stay in this position for a short time and then you can again move the knees forward, just as you would be stepping a hurdle. You can again have your foot on floor. You need to do the same movement with the right leg.

Keep alternating the sides. You will lift the knees a little high, as you complete each repetition.
Over The Hurdle

4. Free Weights

This is a simple exercise for those who are just starting. You need to place a weight at the end of barbell. Place a weight, with which you are comfortable. You will lie down on the side. You need to have the empty side of the barbell with the upper arm. Again, you will place the bar just across the instep of the lower foot. The weight shall rest just against the bottom section of the foot. You can bend the knee and then again move up your foot as well as the weight.

You can lift it as much as you can. However, go slow as you do the workouts and do not over strain yourself. You need to repeat at least 10-12 times.
 Free Weights

5. Seated Gracilis Stretch

This exercise helps in stretching the specific muscles as you are in a seated position. This helps in improving the flexibility of the muscle group. You will start by bending the knees and moving the heels as close as you can. Your heels shall move close to the groin, as the bottom sections of your feet touch one another. You can sit up straight and then press down the knees, till you feel a comfortable stretch just across the side of the thigh muscles. If you feel any pain, you should not stretch too much. Overstretching can be really harmful and can cause muscle damage. You need to stretch for at least 20 seconds. You will repeat at least three times.
Seated Gracilis Stretch