5 Exercises To Stretch And Strengthen Groin Muscles

Groin muscles are said to be one of the most important muscles which need regular conditioning. In spite of the importance of these muscles, most people do not do the right exercises. If you do not stretch your groin muscles, you might not be able to improve your muscle fitness. However, you need to stretch out these muscles on a regular basis so that you do not go through any muscle strain. These stretches are effective in strengthening the muscles, help in improving your fitness and improve circulation for better performance.

Here Are 5 Exercises To Stretch And Strengthen Groin Muscles:

1. Gate Stretches:

This is an easy exercise which can be done by beginners as well. To start the workout, you need to stand in a comfortable position on the left leg. You will again lift the right leg up. Now, you need to slowly raise the right knee till it reaches the hip level. You can again turn it out and move away from the body. You will soon get a stretch in the groin muscles. This movement is known as opening of the gate. You can again bring the knee back and around just in front of the body. You can lower the leg. This is known as ‘close the gate’. You need to repeat the three steps using your right leg.

Gate Stretches

2. Side Lying Stretch:

This exercise can be done even when you are in a hurry or even when you do not have time to visit the gym. This strength building workout can be done by anyone, even beginners. To do the exercise you need to start by lying down on the ground in a comfortable position.

You will be lying on left side. You need to support the head with the left hand, as you keep your legs straight. You will slowly lift the right leg in your air.

You can do this in a comfortable way. You can also support the knees using the right hand. Stay in this position, so that you can feel a good stretch. You need to repeat the workout with your other leg as you slowly change the side. You need to repeat at least 8-10 times.

Side Lying Stretch

3. Lunge Stretch:

This is an easy stretch which will help in improving your circulation and helps to relax your muscles. This stretch is quite effective for athletes which helps in building power and strength. You need to take one wide stance, as you keep your feet turned out at almost 45 degree. You will then slowly bend the left knee and then lunge a little towards the left side. This shall help in lengthening your inner thigh muscles of your straightened and extended leg. You can get back to your standing position and you need to repeat the workout on your other side. You need to repeat this workout at least three times. While you are working out, you need to ensure that you do not bounce. You need to hold the stretch for 30 seconds at least.

Lunge Stretch

4. Gravity Groin:

Do you often feel lethargic and tired? Do you feel a pain in the muscles, if you workout a little hard? Your groin muscles definitely need a good stretch, which helps in building strength and flexibility. You need to lie down comfortably on the left side. You need to have a chair close to your feet. You will place the right leg on chair as you rest the left leg on floor. You will slowly raise your lower leg close to the bottom of chair which shall be against gravity. You need to hold on to this position for at least 8 seconds. You can then get your leg back to the floor.

You can again switch towards the other side and repeat the movement using your other leg. You need to repeat this movement at least 6 times as you start. Your groin muscles shall be well stretched and relaxed.

Gravity Groin

5. Butterfly Stretch:

Women love this exercise as it helps in toning and strengthening their pelvic muscles as well. You need to sit up comfortably on the floor.

Your knees shall be bent and keep your feet pulled together. This is quite like a butterfly position.

Your hands shall be just around the ankles. You need to keep your spine in a straight position and the buttocks shall be pressed on the floor. You need to hinge a bit forward from the waist. You need to use the elbows so that you can press your knees a bit apart. You will not round the back as you slowly lean forward. You need to do this workout at least 10-12 times.

Butterfly Stretch