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5 Fat Burning Ab Exercises

Fat burning from the abs and achieving toned abdomen, is one of the primary reasons of gym training. No one likes flabby tummy which can completely spoil your appearance.

It is not simple to burn fat from the abdominal area but with the right exercises, hard work, diet and perseverance, this can be achieved. There are a few exercises which help in burning fat from the abdomen area successfully. Try them and you will start seeing the difference in a few months.

How To Burn Fat From Abdomen:

Kettle-bell Exercise

You need to clean a kettle-bell to your shoulders for this exercise. This can be done by just extending it through your hips and legs, just as you slowly raise the kettle-bell to your shoulders. Wrists should be rotating as you are doing this. This is how you will start this exercise. Start by leaning towards the side which is just opposite the kettle-bell. You will be repeating this, till your free hand can touch the ground.

Keep your eyes on kettle-bell. As you are doing this, you will be pressing the weight vertically through elbow. Your arm should be perpendicular to ground level. Now get back to the upright position. Kettle-bell will be just above your head. Get the kettle-bell towards your shoulder. Repeat as many times you like. This is a great way to burn calories and lose extra fat from your abs.

Abdominal Hold

Start by standing straight on the edge of a chair or a step which has four risers. Keep your hands on the edge. Your fingers will point your knees. Start to tighten the abs as you move your toes at least 3 inches from the floor. Your butt should also be up the chair. Stay in this position for at least 3 seconds or as much as you can. Gently lower your body and repeat the step. Keep doing this for a minute and you will feel the stretch in your abdominal area.

Advanced Kettle-bell Windmill Guide

You will need a kettle-bell for the exercise. Clean and press it overhead with just one arm. The kettle-bell will be locked out all times. Start putting your butt outwards in the direction of the kettle-bell, where it is locked out. Your free arm will be just behind your back. Your feet should be turned out at 45 degree angle just from the arm and kettle-bell. You should lower yourself as much as you can. Wait for a few seconds. Reverse and get back to the starting position. Doing this everyday will help you to lose unwanted fat from your abs.

The Hundred Exercise

Start by sitting straight on your exercise mat. Your knees will be bent by your chest. Your hands will be by your sides. Lie down and keep your knees bent and your palms should face down. As you exhale, slowly raise your shoulders and head from the mat.

You should be vigorously pumping your arms 6 inches upwards and downwards by your fingertips.

Do this by inhaling for at least 5 pumps and then exhaling for again 5 pumps. Your chin has to be curled towards the chest all the while. You should be able to do 10 full breaths or around 100 pumps to start with. As you do the exercise your lower back should be well pressed towards the floor. Your abs will be pulled upwards your spine. This is a great way to keep abs engaged as you exercise. This is extremely effective in losing fat from abdomen.

Air Bike

Lie down flat on floor. Keep your lower back comfortably pressed to floor. Your hands should be beside your head. Remember, you should never strain your head or neck as you do this step. If you feel slight discomfort, you should stop this as soon as possible. As you lie on the floor, start lifting your neck as you do the exercise. You will also be lifting your shoulders just as in crunches position. You will bring your knees up so that they are totally perpendicular to the floor. Your lower legs will be parallel to floor. This is how you will start the exercise.

You will now go through a cycle like pedal motion.

Kick forward your right leg and bring your knees of leg forward. Bring the right elbow close to the left knee as crunching to side. Breathe out. You can get back to the starting position slowly as you breathe in.

Now, crunch to the opposite side. Cycle your legs and gently bring it close to your left elbow. Continue in alternating manner and repeat as many times as you can.Never force or pressurize yourself for any of these exercises.

Have a nutritious diet and stay hydrated and you will be able to lose weight fast.


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