5 Fat Burning Leg Exercises

Fat Burning Leg Exercises

Adding on the calories in your body is not good for health. There is no harm in eating junk or oily food, but one must work out on a daily basis so that there is no fat deposit in your body. Fat deposited in your body can lead to various diseases like obesity, cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, various cardio vascular diseases and many more. There are various leg exercises which you can perform which will help you to reduce the fat content from your body and will make you healthy energetic and slim.

Here Are Some Excellent Fat Burning Leg Exercises Which You Can Perform.

Extended Cobra Stretch

This leg stretching exercise is very effective. It is very helpful for stretching your spinal cord. In order to perform this exercise just lie upside down and by keeping your arm in perpendicular position try to lift your body from the knee by forming an arch, just like cobra when it raises its head.
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Try to bend your hips and try to make your body an inverted V-shape. Just make sure that your chin is against the chest.
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Stay in that position for 10-15 secs and return back to the original position. Be very careful with the stretches you are making.
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Don’t try to stretch your body too much as it might cause muscle cramps. It is an effective exercise to burn your calories.

Cobra Stretch

Forward squats

One of the form of squats. Very simple to perform the exercise. Bend your body and keep your right leg in front position while stretching your left leg and the fingers of your hands must be touching the floor in order to perform the squat.
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Repeat the same by keeping the left leg in front position and stretching the right leg. Continue the exercise in both positions for 10-15 times. Squats will help you to burn the fat contents from your body and will also help you in building a proper abs as well.

Forward squats


One of the best exercise to perform is the Planks. Lie down with your head upside down. Keep your legs straight and your arms in a perpendicular position. Raise your body in air. Put pressure in your arms resting in the floor and your toes. Your body should be in a straight line. Slowly raise your hips upwards. Stay in this position of 5 secs and return back to your original position.
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Perform 10-15 planks daily.


Skipping exercise

One of the best and easiest exercises of the legs which will help you to burn your fats is by doing a skipping exercise. Take the skipping rope and skip for 1 min. continuously. Always remember to keep your back and knees straight while doing the exercise. Skipping exercise will help you to reduce the fats that are deposited in your fats and thighs.


Side and Cross over Lunge

One of the form of lunge. Just stand up straight by keeping your legs wide open and your both arms in front of you. Spread your right and leg by lowering down to make a side lunge. Then slowly try the cross over lunge by keeping the left leg behind the right leg and keep your left foot to stand. Repeat the same by switching the legs for 4-5 times.

Side and Cross over Lunge