5 Foot Strengthening Exercises For Improving Sports Performance

Athletes and other sportsman need to include a few exercises in their daily routine, which helps in strengthening their foot. Foot-strengthening exercises cannot be ignored as several workouts depend on balancing. Until you have needed strength in the specific muscles, it is not possible to improve sports performance, especially in the case of athletes. Foot-strengthening exercises are not just about improving performance but they also help in building balance and posture.

Here Are 5 Foot Strengthening Workouts:

1. Resistance Bands

To do this exercise you need a flat band or a resistance band. Fasten this band to any secure point. You will place the other end of this band, just around the top of your foot, just below the toes. You will be in a seated position. Your legs shall be extended on the floor. You will be creating tension on this band and then slowly pull your foot close to the shin. You can do a few repetitions by slowly flexing and extending the foot. If you need a bit more challenge, you can easily move your body back. Do this at least for 10 minutes which will effectively improve sports performance.

Resistance Bands

2. Running On Sand Or Soft Grass

This is a simple, yet quite effective workout which helps in increasing your flexibility and builds strength in the feet muscles. The best place would be a sandy beach but if you are not close to a beach, you can run barefoot on any soft ground or soft grass in warm weather. If you run in the soft grass, it helps in improving the joint articulation within the feet.

It also helps in increasing your range of motion and also strengthens your muscles at the same time.

Running On Sand Or Soft Grass

3. Leg Swings

This is a great workout for improving flexibility and balance of your feet which improves performance. Start by standing on the right leg. You can then raise your left leg at least 3-6 inches above the floor. Your arms shall be by your side. You will slowly swing the left leg a bit forward and then backward. You can touch the surface of the floor for additional balance but rememeber that your torso shall be straight. You can then repeat your other moves but the foot should not touch the ground. Lastly, you will swing your left foot to tthe left side as you hold the right arm out. You need to switch your legs and repeat.

Leg Swings

4. Toe Lifting

This exercise helps in improving the blood circulation of the toes and feet which builds their strength, endurance, and balance of the feet. Start by placing your feet flat on floor. You will lift each toe up slowly. Your other toes shall be flat on floor.
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You will do three sets for your each toe. Do this workout at least twice a day and you will notice marked improvement in your performance level.

Toe Lifting

5. Walking On Rocks

Walking on rocks or any uneven surface can actually do wonders for the feet and the body. Rocks have an uneven surface and this shifting surface helps in activating all proprioceptive nerves which are present in the feet. These nerve endings are usually dormant in the case of most people which need to be active in case of sportsmen. Walk as quick as possible on the rocky surface for at least 30 minutes in a day, helps in strengthening the foot which improves performance and balance. Athletes have better control on their muscles with regular practice of walking on a rocky surface.

Walking On Rocks