5 Full Body Cardio Workouts

Are you interested in improving your fitness, but lazy to go to a gym? Try the high intensity, no- equipment full body cardio workout given below at home.

These exercises will not only burn calories and help you stay in the pink, but also work wonders for your mindset. Start the day with these workouts to stay physically and mentally energized throughout the day.

Here Are 5 Full Body Cardio Exercises:

1. Overhead Lunge

Stand straight with feet hip width apart and knees somewhat bent. Hold the dumbbells above your head and take a step frontward into a full lunge position.

Your forward knees should be above your forward foot. Press your forward heel onto the floor and go back to the original position.

Repeat this for 10 counts and switch sides. Ensure you do not bend your elbows and lift your forward heel off the ground.

Overhead Lunge

2. Inchworm

Stand erect with feet wide apart. Bend forward and touch the ground with your palms. Keep legs straight and move the hands frontward until your arrive in a plank position. All your body weight should rest on your palms and toes. Stay in this position for 2 second and march your feet frontward close to the hands, bend the knees if required. Repeat the movement five times. You can do a pushup when you are in the plank position, if you desire.


3. Shadow Boxing

Stand erect with feet wide apart facing a mirror or use your own shadow on the wall as your opponent. Bring your dominant foot frontward and bend your knees a little to move the feet when required. Position your hands near your chest.  Do the shadow boxing punches such as a jab, straight punch, uppercut, hook, etc by flexing your core muscles. Start with slow steady punches first and then speed up. Incorporate squats, hops, lunges and a lot of footwork to amplify intensity.

Shadow Boxing

4. Mountain Climber

Start with straight arm plank posture.  Elevate your right foot and move your right knee in towards the left elbow. As you bring the right knee back to the original position, run the left knee in towards the right elbow. Ensure your shoulders are positioned right above your wrist and hips are not hiked up. Continue doing this movement for 1 minute.

mountain climber

5. Butt Kicks

Stand erect with feet positioned hip width apart. Start running in place. Kick the heels towards the butt and swing your arms naturally as you run. You can also place your hands on the butt with palms facing outward so that you can kick the palms. Increase your pace as much as possible for 60 seconds. The drive should be from the hamstring and not the feet.

Butt Kicks