5 Glute Exercises For Butt Muscles Strengthening, Toning And Lifting

Glute Exercises For Butt Muscles Strengthening, Toning And Lifting

Glutes are the most powerful and one of the largest muscle groups of our body. These muscles power us up and play an important role in our quickness and agility. Those who spend long hours sitting at a place or those who need great agility (athletes, sportsperson) need to concentrate a lot on glute exercises. These exercises are quite effective for the butt muscles, helping in toning and lifting the muscles. These exercises also help in improving your metabolic rate which helps in weight loss and strengthening of the muscles. Include any one of these exercises in your daily routine and improve your fitness level.

Here Are 5 Glute Exercises For Butt Muscles Strengthening, Toning and Lifting:

1. Split Squat

This exercise helps in activating the quadricep muscles and helps in building stability. In this movement, as the glutes are worked up, the muscles fibers strengthen and get bigger than earlier. For this workout, you need to stand comfortably just a few feet away from a bench or a step. Your back shall be to the seat.

In this position, you will slowly bend the right leg and place it just on top of the right foot on the bench. You will also bend the left leg and slowly lower the body till your left leg is a bit bent. Your left leg shall be a bit bent and make a 90-degree angle. You need to slowly push your body back and get back to a starting position. This exercise will work on the glutes, tone the butt muscles, strengthen them and lift them.

Split Squat

2. Hip Thrust Single Leg

This is an effective exercise which helps in improving circulation, strengthens the muscle fibers and tones the muscles. Start by lying down on your back. Your foot shall be placed completely flat and on the floor. Your knee shall be bent and should form at least 90-degree. You will then slowly bend your knees, of the non-working leg and move it towards the chest. You will again crunch the abs and then tilt the pelvic muscles and get your lower back, totally flat against the hands or the floor. You need to have this pelvic tilt, as you do the workout. Move and push your foot on the floor. You need to slowly raise the hips as much as you are able to. You shouldn’t hurt the lower back in this position. Wait a few seconds and then you can reverse the movement. You need to do this at least 6-8 times as you start your workout.

Hip Thrust Single Leg

3. Lunge And Arm Reach

Start by standing tall. Your feet shall be hip distance apart. Your arms shall be extended at your chest height. You will slowly step a bit forward, using your right foot. As soon as your weight shall come down on the right leg, you will slowly lean a little forward from your waist.
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You will reach slowly with both hands, around your knee height.

You will get back to the standing position by slowly pushing your right foot on the ground. You can also drive your body back and get back to the start position. This shall be at least one repetition. You need to repeat at least 6-8 times with your right leg. You can do the same with your left leg. This exercise is highly effective in lengthening and building flexibility of the glutes and thereby lifting and toning the butt muscles.

Lunge and Arm Reach

4. Hip Hinge

This is a simple exercise which works on the glutes and improves your butt muscles. If you have a problem of flabby butt, this exercise is definitely going to help you. Start by standing in a comfortable position, as you keep your feet a little distance apart. Your head shall be in a neutral position too. Your ears shall be well aligned with the ankles, shoulders, and hips. You need to stay in this position as much as you are able to. Bend a bit forward and keep your knees soft and comfortable. Slowly push the hips and the hamstrings back as much as you are able to, till the torso gets parallel to the floor. You need to picture yourself as if you are closing the door with the use of your butt.

Stop for sometime and then push your hips a bit forward. You will get back to a complete stand. You can squeeze the glutes as you are on top of the movement. This exercise is extremely beneficial for toning and strengthening the butt.

Hip Hinge

5. Uni-Leg Chair Squat

Start by sitting just on the edge of a chair. Your arms shall be kept crossed. Your chest shall be lifted. Your right foot shall be on the floor. Your left leg will be about 8 inches from the ground. You need to keep your abs engaged. Move your torso a bit forward and stand. You will dig the right heel a bit firmly on the mat or the floor. You will slowly move your glutes a bit backward, just as you squeeze the glutes. You need to slowly hold the left leg up from the mat and balance at least three counts. You will slowly lower your body and repeat the exercise. You need to repeat 10 times. Do at least 3-4 sets.

Uni-Leg Chair Squat