5 Hamstring Exercises And Their Benefits

Hamstring Exercises And Their Benefits

Strong and toned hamstrings are the most desirable aspect of a body. This feature is very essential when it comes to talking about a well-built body.
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You must have seen many of the sportsman, body builders etc. with dense lower body muscles and hamstrings. Be a woman and men, legs form the major, dense and the longest muscle in the body. It becomes very important to exercise them to increase the muscle mass. Also, if you are struggling with a bulky body then focus on spending more time in building your leg muscles it will help you burn a lot of entire body fat too.

In This Article We Will Tell You About Five Hamstring Exercises And Their Benefits:

Leg Curl Using Ball

This is a fabulous workout which strengthens your complete lower body: calves, glutes and hamstrings. Lie on your back and keep your feet over the ball. Keep your legs extended and rest your ankles on the ball. Slowly lift your hips from the floor so that your legs and shoulder balance your body weight. Pull the gym ball near to you that will help to contract hamstring muscles.

Leg Curl using ball


Running is one more fabulous exercise which exercises your hamstrings to the maximum and makes them strong. Devote few minutes every day to run on a treadmill or on ground to build the mass of your hamstring muscles.
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Another good full body workout which when done improves the strength of your lower body muscles. All you need is just a skipping rope.


Dead Lifts

Not only deadlifts builds your hamstring muscles but also helps in removing extra fat accumulation in lower body. Hold a barbell keeping a distance of shoulder width between the palms.

Now bend your knees to the barbell and slowly raise your body as you pull the barbell to your hips.

Dead Lifts

Squats Without Barbells

Squats strengthen your entire lower body and make it rock solid. One can do normal squats with or without weight on a regular basis to improve the density of hamstring muscles.

To make it more challenging continuously increase weights while performing squats.

Squats without barbells

Regular sets of this exercise will give you long and strong legs which also reduces the chances of injuries. It is very beneficial especially for women as they experience leg bone and joint related problems on reaching menopause stage.