5 Hamstring Strengthening Exercises For Athletes Speed And Agility

Hamstrings are vital for athletes and bodybuilders. These play an important role in speed, running, and quick movement. Exercising hamstring muscles will tone the muscles, improve their flexibility which will help in improving sports performances. These exercises will also help in reducing injuries to the muscles during workout. Hamstring exercises help in toning the muscles and strengthens them.
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This helps in maintaining balance, equilibrium and fitness during a performance.

Here Are 5 Hamstring Exercises For Athletes Flexibility And Improved Performance

1. Stability Ball Hamstring Curl

This exercise helps in building strength, gait, and posture. Weak hamstrings tend to put excessive weight on the heels, which stresses the hips, ankles, and knees.
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This exercise helps in strengthening the weak muscles. You need to lie down on the floor and place a stability ball just under the calves. Your hands will be beside your hips on the floor. Move up your hips so that they make a straight line along with your knees and shoulders. Now, curl up your knees and move them close to your chest.

As you will do this, the medicine ball will be rolling towards the back of your legs. Extend and straighten your legs. Repeat the movement 10 times.

Stability Ball Hamstring Curl

2. Standing Knee Flexion

For this exercise, you need to stand on one leg. You will be bending your other leg with gravity as your resistance. You need to do this comfortably and slowly. Do not strain your muscles. Do 3 sets and each of 10 repetitions.

You can also use ankle weights which will increase the weight further and make the workout more effective.

Standing Knee Flexion

3. Straight Leg Dead Lift

Stand straight and comfortably as you start the exercise. Keep your knees flexed. You will be holding the dumbbells straight in your arms and in front of the legs. Now, slowly move the dumbbells down along your legs. As you move the dumbbell down, you will bend them only from the hip. Your back shall be flat throughout as you do the exercise. You will maintain a big chest and your butt shall be pulled out. The primary focus of this movement is slow and lowering phase. You need to do the movement slowly.

Straight Leg Dead Lift

4. Standing Hamstring Curls

This exercise strengthens the hamstring muscles and builds flexibility for optimum sports performance. To do this workout, stand straight and in a comfortable position. You will move your feet next to one another. Your arms shall be comfortably rested on the chair. Move up your right foot just behind your body. Your toes shall be pointed towards the ground. You will then try to move your foot close to the butt but stop just as your heel touches it.
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You can lower the right foot till it touches the floor. You can repeat and then continue. Repeat 15 times. If you wish to increase the intensity of the exercise, you can wear ankle weights.

Standing Hamstring Curls

5. Standing Hamstring Catch

This is a little tough workout for beginners and needs a lot of practice. You need to lift one leg and let it be perpendicular to the ground. You need to ensure that your leg and foot do not drop outwards. The leg is slowly allowed to fall. The hamstring muscles allow the leg to catch before it moves or falls horizontally. This might take some time to do it accurately. You need to stay in the relaxed position and let the leg fall. You need to use your hamstring muscles to stop the foot from landing on the floor.

Standing Hamstring Catch