5 Hand Exercises To Boost Your Emotions And Energy


Your hands have the secret to a healthy and diseased free body, mind and soul. Your fingers, palm and thumb is the solution for numerous diseases that your body is affected to.
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Many times you must have noticed that you feel emotionally vulnerable, unbalanced, inability to control your emotions or lack of energy in your body, all this happens when your mind is not in a balanced state. To restore your mental, physical and emotionalstate to the balanced state you need to pay attention to your hands.

IN This Article We Will Tell You About Five Hand Exercises That Boost Your Emotions And Energy.
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Thumb Exercise

Your thumb represents your spleen and stomach. All the negative emotions like stress, worries, anger, anxiety or depression can be healed by paying attention to your thumb.

If you are suffering from pain in your stomach, skin problem, head pain etc. can be easily dealt by this exercise. With the help of the fingers of other hand, you gently wrap your thumb and feel the pulsating sensation. Be in this position for one to two minutes daily.


Index finger Exercise

Your index finger is linked to kidney and bladder. It is associated with emotions like frustration, fear, confusion and anger.

Some of the simple to acute ailments like joint pain, muscle pain, back pain, tooth pain, gums problems, any sort of addictions, digestive disorders can be healed by little stimulation of this finger for few minutes. Hold this finger with the help of the fingers of other hand with all the fingers as well as thumb wrapping it completely and be in this state for next three minutes.


Middle Finger Exercise

Your middle finger is related to two important organ of the body without their proper functionality our body can’t work!! These are liver and gallbladder.

Emotions which are associated with this finger are anger, irritation and indecisiveness. Hold this finger with the opposite hand with all the fingers as well as thumb wrapping it completely for three minutes. Keep breathing deeply to cure any existing ailments of these body organs and to ensure better functioning of them.


Ring Finger Exercise

This finger corresponds to other significant body organs which arelungs and large intestine. Any imbalance in this finger is expressed in the form of negativity, sorrow and fear of getting rejected. One who experiences issues with digestion, ears, respiratory system and skin gets corrected by attending to this finger. Hold this finger with your opposite hand with all the fingers as well as thumb wrapping it completely for three minutes. This helps the energy to channel this finger and heal any negative emotions or problems with the organs giving you a burst of energy.
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Little Finger Exercise

Little finger relates to heart and small intestine.It leads to emotional disturbances like feeling of insecurity, nervousness, low self-esteem etc.

One who feelsproblems such as soreness in throat, blood pressure, heart problems, bloating; nerve related issues can be cured by doing this exercise. To do this exercise you need to hold your little finger using the fingers and thumb of opposite hand. Wrap this finger completely for three minutes.


Save yourself from costly surgeries and treatments by just spending five minutes daily without spending anything!! There are some of the simple hand exercises which when done daily can bring a whole new positive change in your body.