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5 Hand Grip Strengthening And Training Exercises For Lifts

Grip strengthing exercises should ideally be an integral part of your workout routine but unfortunately, it is one of the most areas.
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Grip training is not just effective in strengthening your grip but also helps in improving dexterity. It helps in all bigger lifts and enhances the muscle strength throughout the body. You can start your grip strengthening with once a week initially and then as you get comfortable you can increase the frequency of your exercise.

Here Are 5 Hand Grip Strengthening And Training Exercises For Lifts:

1. Inverted Row

In this exercise, the forearms and hands need to be strong so that it supports your core weight. This exercise is a bit easy on the mitts than any hanging exercise or a pull-up exercise. The main reason is that your feet are on the ground. This helps in reducing the load which needs to be lifted. For this exercise, you will need a low bar with overhead for your shoulder width grip. Pull the shoulder blades a bit back. You can then bend your elbows so that your chest comes close to the bar. Stop for a while and then you can reverse the movement so that you are back to the start position.

2. Hex Holds

Hex holds is a great way to workout your open grip. Hex dumbbells are needed for the purpose. To do this exercise you need to hold the upper portion or the head of your dumbbell for at least 30 seconds. You will need a few holds for the whole exercise.

3. Dumbbell Rotation

This is an effective grip exercise which is good for strengthening your hand grip and forearm muscles. You will need a pair of dumbbells and hold them.

Position them at 90 degrees angle. Keep your arms bent. Your elbows shall be on your side. In this position, your shoulders shall be relaxed which helps in reducing chances of injury, caused due to any kind of awkward movement.

You can then turn the dumbbells away and move as much as you can. This shouldn’t put much of strain on the wrists. You can then get the dumbbells back in the position you started. You will use measured and slow movements for the purpose. You will be rotating the dumbbells in the opposite direction if you are looking forward to some challenges.

4. Rope Pull Ups Or Towels

This exercise is a smart way to strengthen your grip. You can use a towel service or you can use rope pull ups for the purpose. You can drape a towel over the pull-up bar. You need to have a tight grip over the rope. You can perform regular sets of the pull ups at the time. This exercise might seem to be a bit challenging as you start but with time and practice you will be able to improve your grip.

5. Ball Squeeze Exercise

This is an easy way to strengthen your grip and build strong muscles. You will hold a squeeze ball for the purpose. You need to hold a ball in one hand. Wrap your fingers and thumbs around this ball.
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Hold it just in front of you. You should be squeezing the ball at regular intervals of time.

Do this for a minute. As you are squeezing the ball, you should also raise your hand just above the head. You can squeeze the ball for an extra minute if you wish. Once done, you can pass on the ball to your other hand and repeat the same.


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