5 Hip Dominant Exercises For Strengthening Leg Muscles And Core

5 Hip Dominant Exercises For Strengthening Leg Muscles And Core
Hip dominant exercises special focus on developing strong quadricep and hamstring muscles. If you are a runner or involved in specific sporting activities which involve quick movement or flexibility, this workout is especially suitable for the purpose.
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Hip dominant exercises help in reducing the risk of injuries, do not cause undue pressure during workouts and help in achieving workout balance during movement. Those who are starting with their workout schedule, benefit a lot from the hip dominant exercises, as they help in building strong core and leg muscles.

Here Are 5 Hip Dominant Exercises For Strengthening Leg Muscles And Core:

1. Wall Reach:

This is said to be quite a challenging workout as it helps in building strong core and leg muscles. Start by standing with your feet shoulder distance apart. You will be standing as you face a wall.
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Your hands shall be outstretched and holding a body bar. This body bar shall be in touch with the floor. The body bar is usually held on the same side where the leg is coming in the air. You need to bend from hips and lean a bit forward with complete lumbar control and using your core muscles. You can use your body bar for total balance. Your body shall be totally parallel to the ground as the movement allows. At the same time, you will be raising a leg using glutes.
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The primary aim of the workout is having your back leg parallel to the floor. You shouldn’t be using any rotates and twists from your shoulders and hips.
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Wall Reach

2. Reverse Fly:

To do this workout, you will need a pair of dumbbells. Bend a bit forward from your hips so that your torso is almost parallel to the floor. You can set your feet, shoulder distance apart. You need to allow the dumbbells hang completely from your shoulders. Your palms shall face one another and your arms shall be a bit bent. You need to keep your back muscles flat and in a relaxed position. Your torso shall be still as you slowly raise your arms out by your sides, till they are in good line with the body. You shouldn’t change the bend of the elbows at this point. Pause a bit and get back to the start position.
Reverse Fly

3. Hip Bridge:

This exercise using barbell works by keeping the core engaged and the spine in a neutral position. To do this workout, you need to lie down on the ground. You will then position the barbell across your hips. You need to keep your hands just next to the hips and on the barbell in a comfortable position. You need to see that your feet are shoulder distance apart.
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You need to keep the core muscles engaged. You need to push up at this point using the glutes as you keep your spine straight. As your hips, shoulders, and knees are in alignment you need to pause and then stay in the position for at least 5 seconds. You can again lower down to the floor, as the core is kept engaged. Your spine has to be straight. You need to do this workout at least 6 times as you start.
Hip Bridge

4. Stability Ball Leg Curls:

This exercise is said to be quite effective from moderate to its high repetitive range. Aim for 8-16 repetitions as you are doing this exercise. Your hamstring muscles get a great workout during the exercise. It helps to work on your core muscles as well. To do this workout, you need to lie down on the floor. Keep your arms and palm down on the ground. You need to rest the feet on the stability ball.
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Inhale a bit and slowly bend the knees. Your calves shall roll the ball close to you. You need to exhale at this point and roll the ball back. As you do not workout, you need to keep the hips and back in a straight and comfortable position.
Stability Ball Leg Curls

5. Back Extensions:

To do this workout, lie down on your stomach and be in a relaxed position. Your arms shall be straight and in front of you. Your face shall be facing down. Your legs will be just behind you. Now, start by pulling in your abs, just as you would create a tiny space just between the floor and stomach. At this position, you will be lifting the left arm and your right leg at least an inch from the floor. You need to stretch as much as you are able to. Stay in this position and count till five. You can again lower the arm and your leg back and down. You need to repeat the same movement using your left leg and right arm.
Back Extensions